Started Saving my Money BUT...

  1. Gosh darnit I can't decide! Legacy Ali, Hippie or Slim Tote!!?!?!?

    I'm looking for a bigger "weekend away" bag that will hold my makeup, PDA, wallet etc etc and maybe even a wristlet for shopping trips. And again, I can't gauge the size: want it perfect for my needs but don't want to too big that it swallows me whole.

    All I know now is that I'm choosing leather, and either natural or whiskey. The deal will be broke if I can call Coach to find out they still have the shoulder in natural ;)

  2. slim tote all the way!
  3. One thing I'm concerned about with the slim tote is that I was considering the Soho signature shoulder tote (small version of the multifunction) and at an inch smaller then the slim tote, someone said it was a "really big bag".

    I'm 5'2" and 110. Just wanting to make sure the slim tote or any bag of that general size wouldn't be too large for me.
  4. I think the Legacy Hippie would be best. I went to the try it on part for all the bags you were looking at and I think it looks really nice. You could wear it cross body too which I think would look good. Good luck finding something.
  5. I vote for the slim tote. I think it's gorgeous!
  6. Ali! I love love love her. I am your size and I think she looks great on my shoulder.

    I think the slim tote would be awkward on a shoulder, if it is even possible to get it on your shoulder.

    Hippy is cute, but I think it is smaller than Ali.

    Just my thoughts . . .
  7. My Hippie bag in Whiskey is on it's way to me. I am so excited to get it! So, that is where my vote is..
  8. P.S.-I think you should go to the store and try the bags on if you can, to help you make a decision. Also, you might see a bag you like better irl than on the website that you didn't think of before. A(n) SA might have a few suggestions as well. Good luck.
  9. Great! You don't happen to have a pic of you wearing her do you?
  10. That'd be the best of course, but my closest boutique is 4.5 hrs away from me and I was just there two weeks ago (we go to the cities once a year or so). All they had was the slim tote and of course I wasn't in the market for one at the time, lol.

    I'm just glad you girls are here for those of us who live in nowhereville!
  11. "That'd be the best of course, but my closest boutique is 4.5 hrs away from me and I was just there two weeks ago (we go to the cities once a year or so)." :sad: Let us know what you end up choosing. Glad to help. :smile:
  12. Oh man I do love that white ali.. It's gorgeous!
  13. I think you should definitely try on bags if at all possible, but I'm all for the Slim Tote in Natural. There is a thread with pics (pond23 posted some), and once I saw it, I had to go check it out.

    That gets my vote, and it does stay on the shoulder very nicely. I was worried about that too, but the drop length seems a bit longer than on previous bags and it fits really nicely.

    Good luck!
  14. I think the hippie sounds perfect for you. It can hold a lot without seeming overwhelming. I also like the long strap.

  15. I will take a picture tonight when I get home and post it for you!