Started my job today, now need a bag!

  1. i just started my new job! but i need a bag that could hold a couple of files, a bagel sized lunch, water bottle, and usual odds and ends. i know megs just bought that beautiful chloe baby for work, but im basically only working so it looks good on future aps and ill have extra spending money, i would ultimately make the decision money wise based on how much i like it/will use it. so i dont want to spend an arm and a leg on the bag. any suggestions?

    a friend brought up a kate spade leather sawyer, but any other suggestions?
  2. Congrats! I just started a new job too, and promptly bought myself a Mulberry Tooled Bayswater in Oak in Mulberry Online as its on sale. I only ordered it yesterday so I am still waiting to receive it.

    I've heard it can hold a laptop and A4 files etc.

    Maybe you could try a Bayswater?
  3. Just bought a Michael Kors Astor overnighter(thanks to all of the girls who went crazy over it on tFS)... the size is really great.. it will hold everything and anything you'll need.

    Plus if you can find one on ebay... the price won't be so bad. below 500.
  4. Um, I was going to say you can try to get a chanel cambon tote on sale (if you can find one at Saks or NM).

    Other than that, I have nooo idea what would be nice? Sorry, hehe, I'm a chanel freak :P
  5. I love longchamp totes for work (but I am a teacher!). You don't have to worry about banging them around, they last forever, and I got mine in black nylon with brown leather handles so it matches EVERYTHING. I know this isn't the most exciting bag - but it works! And for just over $100, you could even get them in a couple colors:smile:
  6. thanks for the suggestions girls
  7. I like all the coach totes. Affordable and classic, imo. I got a large brown signature tote for teaching classes, and am looking for a plain black one as well (don't want to have signature everything!) I also have a basic kate spade nylon. But I don't buy leather bags, so I don't usually have the most glamorous suggestions!
  8. I agree with the Longchamp I love my Longchamps and I love the Bayswater as well. Cabas Mezzo or Luco perhaps and Coach make great totes!
  9. Aarti, good luck in your new job!

    A few suggestions:
    Queen Bee Creations Minima Trucker $76
    Queen Bee Creations Large Gingko tote $82
    Holly Aiken Turbo tote $115
    Sherry Brown Travelcity tote $180
    Nam Kim fly by night tote $235
    Nam Kim brief me bag $75
    Nam Kim bella donna $75
    Queen Bee Creations Minima Trucker.jpg Queen Bee Creations Gingko Tote buyolympia.jpg Holly Aiken turbo large snap side tote.jpg Sherry Brown travel city tote shoptrunkt.jpg Nam Kim fly by night shoptrunkt.jpg Nam Kim brief me bag starsandinfinitedarkness.jpg Nam Kim Bella Donna starsandinfinitedarkness.jpg
  10. I was going to say an Kors Astor too. You can get the satchel in a metallic color on Ebay pretty cheaply right now (around 150-200). For a black/brown/or neutral leather...maybe up to 250.