Started a Internal Cleanse...Anyone else have bad headache??

  1. Hello!

    Thiss is my second time doing a cleanse but this time I went with a different company...I took my first dose yesterday and I woke up this morning wiht mild headache and runny nose. (there is a pamphlet that comes with it notifying em that I will have mild headachs or flu like symptoms)....What I am wondering is.....How long does it take for the symptoms to go away?? Ughh!
  2. What type of internal cleanse are you doing?
  3. one of those health store internal herbal cleanse box.
  4. Are you doing a detox master cleanse?
  5. I've used Colonix. and headaches are suppose to be side effect, when your body is trying to expel parasites & toxins from your colon.
  6. My headache would usually last a few days (2-4 days), sleep & trying not to exert yourself would be my recommendation to deal with it
  7. I've heard about cleanses before but haven't tried one. Can you guys reccommend some and tell me what the benefits are?
  8. Absolutely zilch. It's a waste of time and money. Your body does a perfectly good job of cleansing itself via the excretory system.

  9. I would say you are probably dehydrated. If you are taking in a lot of fiber with the the cleanse (fiber sucks up the fluid your body has) plus the laxative that is usually included in these types of things, (tea, vitamin, etc.) you can get dehydrated very easily. Not good. Drink a lot of water.
  10. hMm... Just step of the fiber, veggie, & LOTS more water intake. You should do just fine :tup:
  11. I cleanse once every 6 months. The headache is due to toxins leaving your body. Toxins like sugar, yeast, caffeine etc. Stay off of those while on your cleanse. After about 4 days you will begin got fele great, at 7 you will fele fabulous and not want ot take in any of those things anymore. Hang in there!
  12. I got very sick doing one of these cleanses. Someone told me they were unnecessary and people have a lot of different reactions to them, including headache, feeling ill like you have the flu, intestinal virus, etc. Good luck!
  13. HaHaHa... This just cracked me up. I feel the same way!!
  14. Actually, I was very skeptical, but I did the lemonade one and it was husband was even more skeptical but he decided to do it too and was impressed.

    It is not easy, but it did make me feel great. I had a ton of energy, I was having some ankle and foot pain and it went away.

    There are tons of medical articles on both sides of this arguement, I did a ton of research.