Start Ups: Silicon Valley Nov. 5th 2012

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  2. Bravo Media explores the intertwining lives of a group of young entrepreneurs on the path to becoming Silicon Valley’s next great success stories on Start-Ups: Silicon Valley premiering Monday, November 5 at 10 pm ET/PT. Silicon Valley isn’t a town, a neighborhood, or a zip code. . .it’s a concept; the epicenter for the most revolutionary advances in technology and where the future of tomorrow is being created today.

    Sarah Austin, Dwight Crow, Kim Taylor, David Murray, and brother and sister duo, Ben and Hermione Way, all have a unique perspective on the future of technology, business, and how to get ahead in the most competitive culture in the country. These driven, ambitious and highly motivated individuals are all work and all play as they blaze their own paths to become the next Silicon Valley success story. While trying to find balance amidst their complicated social network they discover that in the fast paced world of Silicon Valley success and failure can come and go with just a simple keystroke.
  3. Is anyone watching this show??? I think the 1st episode just premiered. Looks promising from the 1st episode. However it appears to be all the same drama as other reality shows, except a different zip code.
  4. Watching it now. Will have to wait and see.
  5. I'm a amazed at the girl taking a nap at the VC's office.... I realize silicone valley is a little laid back, but she took it to a whole nother level!
  6. I just did not think there was one likable person on that show. I live in the Bay Area and almost all of those people remind me of the "hipster douchebags" from the Marina district in San Francisco, where these people live. I did love the pitch, when the guy said he had 43 start-ups and the VC guy said , "so why you need my money?

    Reminds me of the era, hey guys lets do a website and start a company. Most were not selling anything, lots of fun websites though.

    Too bad Bravo did not go for the real geeks of Silicon Valley.
  7. I'm not liking anyone on this show as of yet. Especially the girl that lives at the 4 seasons, shes comes off as super snobby for some reason.
  8. Yeah, I keep watching this show but something seems off...I just can't put my finger on it...
  9. "Super snobby" is an understatement
  10. The girl that the Four Seasons doesn't even live in suite, just a regular room!

    Hermione needs to get over the failed relationship with the four seasons girl and focus on her business, because she hasn't landed any deals.

    The girl that quit AmPush seemed pretty cool, though. Hope she does well at her new business venture.
  11. I have no idea why I watch this show. I cannot stand the lot of 'em.

    Sarah is hands down the most annoying person I've seen on Bravo. Ever. Her tweets are worth $10k but she's gotta beg for a $150 plane ticket?

    The market is flooded with diet apps like Lose It and Calorie Count. Kim would be wise to stay in interactive marketing instead of developing a played-out style app. She's not a developer, a fashion stylist, graphic designer or brand (with an existing customer base). What can she really offer besides skills in selling Facebook advertising?

    It would have been smarter to throw money at her project while she was still bringing in an income. Quit when you have a viable business or at least a viable prospect.

    What made Bethenny Frankel so successful in pitching her SkinnyGirl margarita on Bravo was that she came up with a pretty simple yet innovative idea: A lower calorie margarita that requires NO skills and hardly any time on the part of a host. Mixes tend to be major calorie bombs and most people when they are entertaining just want to pour a bottle of whatever with ice in a blender and call it a day. It also doesn't hurt that she was on Apprectice with Martha Stewart and was trying to make a name for herself as a "chef."

    I hate the Ways idea. If you are standing on a pad and syncing it up to your phone for your weight... How is that easier than just using a scale. And typing it into your phone? Or using Wii Fit?

    Rant over. Glad someone made a thread for this trainwreck...
  12. I need to see if I can watch this online lol
  13. I saw maybe three episodes. YUCK! I didn't like one person either.