Start spreading the news.....da, da, da-da, daaaaa...

  1. I'm leaving tomorrow.....da, da, da-da, daaaaa.

    Yep, I'm going to NEW YORK! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Wahoooooooo:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: ! 10 entire days of child-free fun. I'll be bacheloring for 4 days whilst PHH goes to Pittsburg for some boring work stuff, then we're meeting in Chicago. We've booked tickets to the baseball here and it's been a dream of mine to obtain a large foam finger that I can wave around!

    My bags are packed, all liquid make-up items are zip-locked in my suitcase (inc. 2 bottles of Chanel Black Satin that I'm hoping don't leak!) and I've cleared all my credit cards for some serious damage!

    MIL is here in Holland to mind the boys, feed the cats and keep the burglers/squatters out.

    I'll be offline for this time, so I hope you all take care!

    Cal :heart: :flowers:
  2. How exciting, Cal! Would you believe I live in Pittsburgh and STILL haven't gone to NY!? ..have enough fun for the both of us!! And don't forget to get on when you get home to share with everyone, we'll miss you!
  3. Have A Great Time!!!! Wooo Hoooo!!!!!
  4. Have a fabulous time here in NYC. It's true that there is no other city like it in the world!
  5. Have a wonderful time Cal. I can't wait to see all of your shopping finds!
  6. Have a GREAT time, Cal!!
  7. I hope you have a wonderful time in the big city!
  8. Hey..I didn't know there were any other Pittsburghers on this forum....glad to hear there is more than just me!! (No offense to our lovely city, I grew up here, but not too many people are as interested in purses, shoes, fashion, and travel as we least not the ones I meet!)

    I am glad I read your post today! :yes:
  9. I hope you have a wonderful time Cal!!!! :yahoo:
  10. Have fun.
  11. Have a great time, :yahoo:
  12. have a TON OF FUN! and safe travels and do some BIG damage on those credit cards! :smile:
  13. Oh have tons of fun , and do lots of shopping
  14. Have a great time!! I can't wait to see all you purchases!
  15. Oooh, have a wonderful time!!