Start selling designer handbag ebay(Need advise)

  1. I am starting sell authentic designer handbag in eBay, before I open my boutique and website, but there is no bidder on my auction. I am wondering that the reason no bidders on my auction is I have zero feedback(NO REPUTATION)?
    Because there are a lot of fakers in eBay? Only I get the message from one ebayer asking about the receipt. I thought that I listed my handbag for pretty good price because I purchased from authorized boutique in Italy on sale. I am planning open my boutique in this year. Do you think that it is a risk to open my designer brands boutique and website? Any advise will be appreciated..:sad:
  2. dear Milano,

    If there's anything that's agreed upon is that buyers are wary about the low or no feedback on sellers that are behind designer goods. Feedback, as you said is your you may need to up your reputation by being a buyer on eBay, or wherever you are selling. It will be the only way you will get your feedback up. Also, it will help to have others say positive things about you ( other sellers you bought from). You may even need a certain amount of feedback to open an Ebay Store, but to find out for sure, go to Ebay itself and check the selling forums. There will be some good resources for you there. I opened my store on Ebay at 63 feedback, so it did not have to be that high. Take the time, go through it and see what is said.
    All the best.
  3. I am very appreciate for your advise. I agree with you on that point it will take some time to build up my feedbacks(reputation).... :yes:
  4. Hi milano,

    I agree with pusehappy gal completely. People are wary of ebay newcomers especially when their shelling out big money.

    I'm relatively new and it took awhile to establish myself as an honest broker. To strengthen my feedback I sold a few things for next to nothing. (I actually lost money on two or three transactions.) I also bought merchandise that I had use for (personalized thank you cards, scales to weigh packages, etc. etc.) in time I accumulated enough feedback to put potential buyer's minds at ease.

    My first goal was 10 feedback because that number allowed me access to BIN (Buy It Now). My next goal was 50 because PayPal Buyer Protection automatically increases to $2,000.00. (buyers feel more comfortable when the amount of Buyer Protection Coverage meets or exceeds the price of the item listed). My current goal is 100 because at that point I'll be eligible to attain the rank of powerseller.

    It may take a little while but you'll soon be on your way.
    The best of luck to you.
  5. Thank you for sharing your experience. I need to be patient..:idea:
  6. Definitely - patience, hard as it is, is the way to go! Assuming you are open, friendly, completely professional in all communications and customer-focused, I am sure you will do well and quickly build a reputation. Because Ebay can be such a lottery and wild west environment, I am very loyal indeed to the select and small number of sellers who offer completely authentic products plus amazing customer service (you know who you are!). So, if you are able to be a bit patient, you will soon develop a following I am sure.

    Also worth looking at the Ebay safety tips which are stickied in this subforum. I know you're more interested in marketing etc, but there is some great advice there, especially regarding counterfeits etc.
  7. You've gotten great advice :yes: I take a lot of clear pictures showing all the marking to show my items are authentic and I mention they are from a smoke free home. Best of luck with your sales
  8. Miss Sooky, nyhockeymom91.
    You are so nice. :heart::heart::heart:

    Thank you for encouraging me.....:smile:
  9. No problem - do let us know how you get on. I'd be really interested in a beginner's Ebay journey.
  10. I agree with the advice so far build your feedback up (patience is definately a virtue) ALWAYS make sure your title reads " Guaranteed authentic" and state in your listings that the handbag can be taken to any store/boutiqie for authentication (this can not be applied to Chanel because the Chanel boutiques are not supposed to authenticate handbags) take several pictures that are clear and if there is a serial number detail this at least once in your listing and where possible take a picture of the serial number. Also take photographs of the dustbag and any authentication cards that come with the handbag. Good luck
  11. I will let you know how am I doing... I feel that I am not alone.
    Thank you so much...:heart::heart::heart:
  12. Thank you..mulberrylove..:heart:
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  14. Would appreciate your advice, It's on Ebay, Item #140104801685[​IMG]
    I have the exact same bag. I just received it as a gift from my boyfriend, purchased at Nordstroms for $1275. It has the same exact #'s on Chloe tag as one featured in ebay photo. The only difference is my bag does not have a flap inside bag with number on it??? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, K
  15. Actually I am the ONE person who has written to this new seller asking specific questions about the "authenticity" of this Chloe handbag. Two e-mails sent so far, with no responses received. This leads me to believe it's not authentic. Why have you neglected answering my questions?