Start Pre-Ordering Your Fall Bags

  1. This morning I called 866-VUITTON and asked them if they were taking pre-orders yet for the Fall bags, I check everyweek, and this time they said YES! So I ordered a Silver Mirror Speedy, and the rep told me that it be will about $1100 more or less. And that they are now able to pre-order the fall bags if I know the name or style of it. Yeah!

    I also asked her about the "Lockit" bag and she told me that the Lockit vertical will be like the Alma but the corners are not as round but more square. This will be more of a handheld bag. As for as the Lockit Horizontal will be like the St. Jacques of the Epi collection, and will be a shoulder bag. She told me that it will come in Suhali leather, Mono Canvas, and Antigua. So ladies, start ordering!
  2. Do they require a credit card to pre-order the bags?
  3. I put my name down on Sunday for the silver speedy and the gold pochette!
    I like the Alma but it's going to be too big for a normal bag (it's the Voyage size.)
    I can't wait. :heart:
  4. Thanks for the info! I want that squishy messenger and the mirror keepall.
  5. do u guys have pics of the new fall bags?
  6. Yup, you have to have a credit card in order to pre-order any bag.
  7. I've never seen a squishy messenger, do you by any chance have a pic? TIA
  8. I think it's this one:
  9. What is this one called? I love it!

  10. I'd love to see pics of how the lock-it looks. Sounds cute!
  11. That should be the Lockit horizontal, but I may be wrong.
  12. How much would the lock it horizontal start off at??
  13. thanks for the heads up! i really like the lumineux, but i think it might be a lil' too flashy for me!...but the prices are a lot more inexpensive than i had assumed!
  14. What exciting news...the lockit looks like the discontinued "mat" bags..:P