STAR'S scammer story!

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  1. In the past two months I saw the "Fendi Hobo Spy in metallic hologram" on E-luxury only. I stared at it for a moment and it literally dissapeared before my eyes! I have longed for it ever since, checked the site many times since to no avail. My SA in Balharbour Fendi said that the buyers in U.S did not get the spy hobo hologram:sad: ...and will not in the future. I gave up.

    Tonight, while surfing E-bay it showed up. I was so excited I almost forgot to really look before I pressed BUY IT NOW! Then as I looked carefully, I noticed that all of the pictures were the same as the ones I had seen on I wrote the seller an E-mail asking him for pictures other than the ones from E-lux. exactly stated that way. Then I read his feedback.:sick: The last item he sold was a blue spybag, so fake I was completely angry! He sold it for like $1300. U.S and was asking for the hobo for $1600.U.S A complete scammer . He really raves about his authenticity guaranteed, it's shameless! After that I was sad, I really wanted that bag.
    I decided to type in E-lux etc... LOW AND BEHOLD IT WAS THERE!!!!
    I clicked on "check out now" without even looking at the description! I went on the live chat service to ask If it was really in stock...they said it was in somebody's shopping bag. I described the page I was on and they confirmed it was MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! A mad rush for the credit cards, Done. Then, the picture of it was gone! I pressed "back" button over and over again,... gone. I asked "live chat" to send a picture, not possible. I thought, hmmmmmm.....the E-bay picture! I went first to my Email to check the confirmation of the spy.Incidently, I received the confirmation and the response from that Ebay scammer at the same time! The scammer responded to me by saying that the bag is no longer available:suspiciou .....all I thought was ya, I knew that a while back, MY PICTURES!!!! I immediately went back on E-bay, gone! So now I have not any pictures to show or stare at while I wait. I can't beleive I am getting it!! So thrilled. First time using'll tell you how that goes. I can't beleive the scammer's these days. I ALSO SAW A BROWN CHOCOLATE fendi spy being sold by someone WE ALL NOW SELLS FAKES! SHE IS DISGUSTING, RAVING ABOUT HOW HARD IT WAS TO GET A REAL CHOCOLATE SPY! she makes me want to puke and she is charging ALOT !!!!!:evil:
  2. I am soooooo happy for you!!!! That is great , please post pics when you get it I must see this bag. Congrats to you.
  3. Cool adventure... You were making me sweat just reading your story Star! :lol: Glad you got what you want. Don't forget to post photos when you get it because I don't think I ever seen a hologram spy hobo before.
  4. What does it mean by hologram exactly? Is the bag just metallic? What color? Brown/Coppery?
  5. I have never seen the hobo of any type in real person! and I have never seen what the real hologram regular spy looks like. I just feel better about getting the copper in the small hobo size. It looked nicer than the spy! Here is a picture my SA took of the regular metallic hologram spy bag he offered me. The hobo is much more delicate looking from what I could tell. Gorgeous, cuz it really stained my mind.

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  6. It's turquoise leather coated with copper/gold or something...then sliced like spagettini to give the hologram effect. I just want to see what the hell Mary-kate loved so damn much!:biggrin:
  7. ^^^^^ STAR-- the bag was in the Fendi boutique JUST Monday at Bal Harbour!!! I tried it on... it is there :nuts:
  8. That is what I thought it was... I saw that one on mary kate olsen. Thanks for posting the pic.
  9. I was in a total sweat dude.
  10. Ha... I didn't read your post all the way because I got too excited. So you did get the bag??
  11. WHAT!!!! MICHEAL O. IS MY SA!!!:evil: Are you sure it was the HOBO HOLOGRAM! I need to know
  12. I do that all the time:lol: ...My armpits did break out in an immediate sweat though, he he.

    Yes, I am waiting for it to turn up at our Hotel (not telling where,embarrased,husband would kill me) in U.S. Probably next week, I paid for express mail.
  13. wow, that was a pretty exciting story! i saw it on elux when it was first up and i think it's pretty cool looking!! i'm glad you had a happy ending :amuse:
  14. ^^ If you are talking about the bag in the picture, then yes. They had the black Spy and a brand new cognac Spy, and the hologram. The SA tried to convince me to get the hologram. It was gorgeous!!
  15. No, the one in the picture was mine in real life 2 weeks ago, THe one you Megs tried on in Fendi Balharbour!!!!!! You tried on my purse MEGS, I feel close to you somehow....Could visit my Cognac!!! It's there too!the one you tried on I just passed up!!!!!Ha,HA, small world EH???? I just passed that one up! I bought the HOBO tonight. Completely different.