Stars/Public Figures and their Hermes

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  1. He's Jeffree Star. His name is legally changed to star. He is a beauty guru on Youtube and has his own makeup brand called Jeffree Star Cosmetics and if youre looking for AMAZING liquid lipsticks I'd say go for his. But honestly all his products are actually pretty amazing. I love his skin frost highlighters too.

    He also is an avid birkin collector and has an amazing collection overall.
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  2. Love this look!
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  3. Who is this? I can't see her face!
  4. J Lo!
  5. Wait a this is a guy?!?!
  6. Gosh, I love him and what a collection he has!!
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  7. Yes

    Me too!!
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  8. We need a thread ‘ Academics wearing Hermès’ ; it could also include politicians.
    I know I shouldn’t be here if I don’t like what I see , but I’m an optimist .
  9. Thanks but my question was rhetorical.
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  10. I much prefer the wildlife thread to this. Jeez... I was really bored yesterday!
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  11. Quite a few of his bags are, ahem, 'Canal Street Specials'. Somebody on the BeautyGuruChatter subReddit dug that info up.

    You wouldn't, if you knew how racist, misogynistic, sexually predatory and horrendous he is. All of his dirt has been spilled on the aformentioned subReddit.
  12. Oh dear I didn't know that. I knew he had some issues in the past but I didn't look too much into it
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  13. I tried looking for more info about this but can’t seem to find anything. If it’s true, that’d be a shame...

  14. This is current as of April...he's had a few more 'incidents' since then.
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  15. Hoping this thread can get back on topic.
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