Stars/Public Figures and their Hermes

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  1. 2271F397-A141-4244-83EE-1112F0848207.jpeg Lisa Rinna-a Croc Birkin to yoga class:rolleyes:
  2. She's so phony (like most of the HWs) that I wonder if it's even real.
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  3. Phony-as they come...I’m not a fan..:hugs:
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  4. You read my mind!!!
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  5. What is an HW? Thanks. Could not resist asking.....feel so old and stupid these days.
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  6. As in the tv shows “Housewives” of New York, Beverly Hills, Atlanta...I only know because my sister watches one of those derivations. :smile:
  7. Means "housewife" because she is a cast member on the show "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" which is a reality show.
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  8. We responded the same time lol!
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  9. Jeffree Star

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  10. haha twinsies!
  11. You meant the bag or the trout lips?

    TBH, the excess amount of plastic surgery in this thread has always been very off putting and a distraction from H goodies for me!
  12. Who is this? Is she a TV/movie star or it's because her name is "star" for her to qualify in this thread?

    On second thought, I don't want or need to know... :no:
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  13. Yikes! People from The Matrix called that they wanted their costume back!
  14. HE is a celebrity you-tuber and make up artist. Well, they identify as androgynous.
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  15. They have the most amazing collection of birkins. Definitely look them up on Google or Instagram. Lots of eye candy for the Hermès lover.
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