Stars/Public Figures and their Hermes

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  1. The Birkin, the coat (back matching the Birkin) the boots---stunning!! What color do you think her bag is? It's absolutely gorgeous!
  2. I was thinking Rouge Casaque?
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  3. 30616D10-A25C-4917-BF1B-6F4668C674B3.png Sofia Vergara Instagram January 30/19. I love her style, I just wish she’d wear something other than platform heels all the time, mix it up... Although I do admit, those shoes look good with the cropped denim... And I love the Kelly, should’ve started the post with that. Happy Sunday everyone.
  4. Michael Coste all cozy and warm with a book and an H blanket.
    michaelcostefr - BtVA6z5hzIr.jpg
  5. ST :heart: NNING!
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  6. :heart: her! Classic beauty!
  7. Me too!!! Sounds like a great Animal Planet production in the making (((meow)))
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  8. Thanks so much!
  9. You’re welcome! Keep in mind that I’m not too sure so if anyone else has any idea please chime in!!
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  11. Are those the Story boots? She looks fantastic!
  12. Rosamund Pike attends a Q&A screening of 'A Private War' at Odeon Leicester Square on February 04, 2019 in London, England.
    gettyimages-1127382050-1024x1024.jpg gettyimages-1127381889-1024x1024.jpg _HER0173.jpg
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  13. She looks stunning!!!
  14. Rosie Huntington seen at JFK airport on February 5, 2019 in New York City.
    gettyimages-1127655177-1024x1024.jpg gettyimages-1127655187-1024x1024.jpg gettyimages-1127655180-1024x1024.jpg
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  15. Kyle Richards heading to Live With Kelly and Ryan in NYC on February 5, 2019
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