Stars/Public Figures and their Hermes

  1. Probably been shared before but it's such a gorgeous throwback. The legendary Catherine Deneuve and her sister Françoise Dorléac shared by Michael Costa on IG.
  2. The great Ingrid Bergman wearing a CDC belt. :girlsigh: Another gem shared by Michael Coste.
  3. One of those tots is Isabella Rosellini.
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  4. Yet another classic throwback by Michael Coste. The incomparable Jackie O with a Trim bag and H scarf worn as a turban.
  5. The outfit is Fendi
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  6. Thank you sooooo much!!!!
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  7. I think you meant the blue and white outfit in #5608, not the black Fendi one, didn‘t you?
    The blue and white leggings are said to be Lanston.
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  8. Yes, that’s what I meant. Who knew Fendi does athletic gear? By yes, I love those leggings. Thank you!!
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  9. Sverrir Gudnason (actor, The Girl in the Spider’s Web) in Hermès coat, sweater, pants, and shoes. Pic from GQ
  10. E96AE442-DBCF-4E92-80F0-506A1ACC036C.png 5EC38844-CC6E-449E-9101-E9B580CD20F3.png FD59D982-661F-406D-A4F9-A1F0C4F7822D.png 4C5B51A2-4012-4505-B8F6-C4B54295BDCB.png A few from JLo’s Instagram...
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  12. Maye Musk from instagram. For anyone who doesn’t know, she is a model and Elon’s mom. She looks amazing at the Carre event


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  14. She is gorgeous! Her skin! I need her regiment stat!
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