Stars/Public Figures and their Hermes

  1. Selma Blair and a vintage Kelly
    selma-blair-and-boyfriend-out-in-studio-city-10-15-2018-1.jpg selma-blair-and-boyfriend-out-in-studio-city-10-15-2018-4.jpg
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  2. Kelly Rutherford
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  3. Olivia Culpo
    olivia-culpo-is-stylish-paris-09-18-2018-8_thumbnail.jpg olivia-culpo-is-stylish-paris-09-18-2018-4.jpg olivia-culpo-is-stylish-paris-09-18-2018-3.jpg olivia-culpo-is-stylish-paris-09-18-2018-2.jpg
  4. Liz Hurley
    elizabeth-hurley-chic-style-london-august-2018-9.jpg elizabeth-hurley-chic-style-london-august-2018-7.jpg
  5. Ashlee Simpson
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  6. Love seeing the used and borderline abused Bs. It just shows that great bags are supposed to be used!

    Side note, I’m so over Olivia Culpo. LOL
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  7. Totally agree on well-loved Bs. There's just something special about them, like the owner imbued their personality and life's story into the bag itself. :girlsigh:
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  8. Nicky Hilton
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  10. They were at an Alice and Olivia event, so the clothing is all from the A/O LA capsule collection. The jeans are $795
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  11. I have to admit that I’m a little jelly of all this gorgeous, ‘been around the block’ Birkins!
    I’m not gonna stomp on my black one, but can wait until she starts looking like I’ve had her for a while!
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  12. Maybe this will make you feel more at ease using it.
  13. Nicky Hilton and her Daughter, she is super cute IMG_1541043980.454595.jpg IMG_1541043994.505523.jpg IMG_4661.jpg