Stars/Public Figures and their Hermes

  1. Glad you posted this thought. Youth is always beautiful but all ages can be beautiful too.
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  2. Celine Dion.
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  3. I am 68, and this is truly the best part of getting older.....more comfort in your own skin! If I were younger, I doubt I would have the courage to post pictures of myself onto a forum that seems to admire beauty so MUCH. Now I just figure that we all want pictures of Hermes modeled and my pictures may give ideas to Those who are also very....rounded...:biggrin:
  4. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, thankfully! :hugs:
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    Totally agree! People should wear what they want and what makes them happy.

    And I'll wear my Kelly's and Birkin's with my Jimmy Choo's and a skirt ...or with one of my 16 pairs of Dr. Martens, my authentic vintage AC/DC t-shirt (from an actual concert I attended in 1985, not bought from those teen stores in the mall! Fun thing to do...ask them to name a song from the albums on their tees lol) ....and I'll wear aforementioned with torn jeans as I see fit! I'm 49. Keepin it real, spicy and avant-garde!

    But that's just me....

    Edit: sorry, just saw this was supposed to be photos and light chatter. My apologies. Mods, feel free to delete my post.
  6. BobKat, I've always enjoyed your posts. :hugs:
    As a (no longer in my 20 or 30 year old body, multi-ethnic) woman in her 50's, I enjoy seeing a diversity of age, size and/or ethnicity represented (especially on this Hermes thread). One of my favorites is Christine Lagarde.
    She's a woman who is carefree with make-up, dress and hair, yet is brilliant and well respected.
    I wish there was more diversity shown.
  7. Why thank you, Sourisbrune! I like seeing every post. Some of my fellow tpf folk could be models. And then some of us - me included - just love having such beautiful things on and around us. Hermes adoration is the key to get into this club.
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  8. Mariah Carey

    Mariah Carey.jpg
  9. Marc Jacobs
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  10. Celine & Mariah rivaling not only on music now but also with their birkins!
  11. Yez.
  12. Sofia Vergara. :love: Loving this whole colour scheme. The Alhambra necklace is beautiful!
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  13. Pierce Brosnan and wife Keely article-2183823-1461A9EC000005DC-899_634x755.jpg
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  14. The only Bond for me. He looks so good. :girlsigh:
    Wonder what's in the orange bag? :graucho:
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