Stars/Public Figures and their Hermes

  1. Throwback, Avril Graham chief editor at Harper's Bazaar.

    I am thinking to start a thread of her style (anyone think it's worth while?) - I really like her looks.

    Credit Alamy.

    bazaar-executive-fashion-beauty-editor-avril-graham-arriving-at-the-dtfwhy.jpeg bazaar-executive-fashion-beauty-editor-avril-graham-arriving-at-the-dtg1r9.jpeg
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  2. YES!! Love the skirt! It was from NG's last collection for Balenciaga!!
  3. Anna Dello Russo is a tough call for me. She is clearly in amazing shape, loves clothes, and is always delightful to see in her street style finery. She does show a lot of skin "for her age," and her skin looks like, well, older skin. It doesn't have the elasticity of youth anymore. Frankly, mine is starting to look the same. So, does this mean I/she shouldn't show bare skin? Or does this mean society needs to accept that not everybody is under 30 and there are all sorts of beautiful? I am inclined toward the latter. . . .
  4. I think there are "all sorts of beautiful", Mindi B, and we should all feel comfortable in our own skin, if you will, in our own zones of comfort. I don't think it's a matter of societal acceptance. Thank you for bringing this closer to home:smile:
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  5. one word with anna russo fashion; its all about how much we are "comfortable in our own skin" and the rest is irrelevant i am against body shaming. she is hurrah in great shape by all means and i enjoy her choices
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    Here is my motto: do whatever you like, be prepared some may not like it, but it shouldn't matter because people should have the freedom of doing whatever they like and expressing their opinions as long as they are not breaking any laws.
  7. As I get older, I care less and less about what other people think of my choices and I also care less about other people's different opinions from my own. It feels good! The world is full of varieties and it's beautiful!
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  8. Same. That's why I'm thinking of getting a 35cm birkin or kelly someday and I don't give a damn if it's a woman's handbag. lol
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  9. You get that bag brother!
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  10. I totally agree with you, allanrvj. Life is short!
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  11. The B is not a particular feminine-looking bag and I have seen men of various ages and styles carry it favorite being the elderly, refined gentleman carrying a croc 35. Just wow. What are you waiting for? Enjoy it now!
  12. I was at Hermes when a singer from a boy band came in and wanted a Birkin 40. My SA (who I was chatting with at the time) brought it out. It was big, blue and beautiful!!!!!!! The boutique was empty of customers, except the singer, a guy who was with him and me. I complimented him on the bag and how he looked carrying it. He handed it to me- it was heavy!!!!!!!
    I was bitten by the Birkin bug that day. :loveeyes:
    Birkins, like many Hermes bags, are gender neutral. Go for it!!!!!!!:tup:
  13. Go for it! B35 is not really very feminine imho. I will wait for the reveal! :heart:
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  14. Princess Olympia of Greece.
  15. I think it's the best part of growing "up" - zero F given lol
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