Stars/Public Figures and their Hermes

  1. Olivia Munn
    olivia-munn-in-travel-outfit-washington-dc-airport-06-14-2017-1_thumbnail.jpg olivia-munn-in-travel-outfit-washington-dc-airport-06-14-2017-6.jpg
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  2. I noticed the shoes, too, hclubfan. Are they Stella McCartney, do you think?
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  3. Jamie Chua and other women in the Asians thread wear a lot of similar shoes. Like them.
  4. I wonder, Mindi B. I think I NEED to find them, so I'll turn to google and let you know if I can find out who makes them!
  5. Mindi, you have a good eye! Apparently Olivia Munk's shoes are Stella McCartney, according to
  6. Just bought a similar pair (mine are camel with gold stars!) so I had a bit of an id advantage, hclubfan. I've been stalking a sale pair forever, since for vegan leather they are rather pricey, IMO. Also, if you go for a pair yourself, I think they run slightly large. I usually wear a 7.5 US; bought a 7. HTH.
    And, back to topic. Sorry.
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  7. Jennifer Lopez
  8. Kim Kardashian
  9. That's how my B's look when I travel :P I really like her casual style too. Very effortless chic. However I could never manage a white dress on a plane. Way too messy with the kids!
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  10. So funny, I was wondering if she changed as the dress is clean and crisp. My B's look like that too.
  11. It looks a bit weird to me. I thought it was fake.
  12. Susan Downey. Not a recent pic, I think.
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  13. Vintage casual inspiration from the iconic Christy Turlington. 1037723583075498550_2070274269.jpg
  14. Kristina Bazan at the Hermes SS 2015 show.
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