Stars/Public figures and their Hermes

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  1. I'm glad to see it's gone back to it's original colour: some time ago she had dyed it pink, poor doggy!!
  2. Jennifer Garner credit: dailymail
    article-0-151417FD000005DC-759_634x961.jpg article-0-15141866000005DC-414_634x913.jpg article-2205393-15141860000005DC-117_634x922.jpg
  3. ^Jennifer Garner looks so fit and I have it on good authority that she is an absolutely wonderful wife and mother!
  4. You can say that again!
  5. I totally believe this!
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    ^^^ Shes making me a huge fan of the Victoria again. The Victoria and the Bombay used to be my favourite Hermes bags. I think I will be returning to my old loves. I need a practical inconspicuous Hermes bag in my life.
  7. Kris Jenner credit: zimbio
    Jenner+leaves+in+houndstooth+J8uO0AqjnZrx.jpg Jenner+leaves+in+houndstooth+sEmhTz7rPDEx.jpg
  8. OMG...not this horrible looking suit again!! this pairing is even worse than the previous one with the toile B!!!
  9. The suit may be awful, but that birkin is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G :loveeyes::drool::faint:
  10. Funny how both Kris & Kim both got croc b's roughly at the same must've gotten a very good $$$ endorsement deal! Lol
  11. that Braise B is beyond stunning :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: i could care less who is in the photo or what they are wearing, it all is insignificant, the B steals the show!!
  12. Petra Ecclestone credit: dailymail
    article-2205810-15160343000005DC-889_306x744.jpg article-2205810-1515B261000005DC-836_306x744.jpg article-2205810-1516032B000005DC-220_634x893.jpg
  13. Looks great bat winged
  14. Jennifer looks great in these pics :tup:!
    And I love that she wears that Victoria very often, she really seems to enjoy this bag. Must say, the Victoria and the color of it really suits her.
  15. She dyed her doggy pink :shocked:? Why?
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