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  1. That outfit Kourtney is wearing is ugly.
  2. :roflmfao::roflmfao: What a cutie patootie, even if her diet is a little questionable! :p
  3. She actually looks and dresses better than her daughters:smile:
  4. So true!! Well it's something to look forward too as I get older!:amuse:
  5. It's not Holly's but that beauty must be shared
  6. But it's got to be hard to dress that figure! Let's give her a pass for now. Nice bag, anyhow, and I like the peach dress with the orange B.

  7. Gorgeous! :smile:

  8. Ouch! Kourt looks pretty good considering that she is so pregnant. Love her Tom Ford sunglasses.

    Kris dresses ages appropriately and manages to look great. I wish her personality came across as well.
  9. Jordana Brewster out shopping in Beverly Hills, California on June 27, 2012 zimbio
    Jordana+Brewster+Shopping+Beverly+Hills+JQlVXJsnxaDx.jpg Jordana+Brewster+Shopping+Beverly+Hills+urzF4M8UVdDx.jpg Jordana+Brewster+Shopping+Beverly+Hills+yUnErUKbvTjx.jpg Jordana+Brewster+Shopping+Beverly+Hills+jHc2fbn79Ocx.jpg
  10. i love Bert and Betty ... they are so cute!
  11. It looks like biscuit.
  12. The show is scripted so what you see on TV is not necessarily what you get in real life.
  13. Originally Posted by donutella. [​IMG] Can someone enlighten me : what colour is her Birkin ? It's beautiful.

    Originally Posted by thimp
    Perhaps Tabac-Camel, clemence, ghw?

    I 've thought biscuit at first but as I've mentionned I wasn't sure because of the flash. Anyway thanks for both of you.:flowers:
  14. I agree, besides she gets credit for acknowledging/participating sheer panel dresses are on trend^ ...

  15. yep!

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