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  1. Please! Don't make me laugh, martiniandlace! :biggrin:
  2. Monica was spotted out and about this weekend credit:freddy-o
    DSC_1038-6.jpg DSC_10372.jpg DSC_1004.jpg
  3. The Menthe Birkin looks fabulous on Monica!! I love it now. It goes with Trina's coral dress.
  4. Johnny Weir arrives at the 2012 American Ballet Theater Spring Gala at The Metropolitan Opera House (May14) celebitchy
    american_ballet_gala_01_wenn3881607.jpg american_ballet_gala_02_wenn3881604.jpg
  5. I am all for body confidence and loving ones self, but not feeling Trinas thighs and the cut of that dress on her her at all!!!!:rtr: Rather tasteless! She can learn a lesson or two in propriety from Monica. Love the handbag...
  6. Just what I thought. A very unfortunate dress that accentuates her thighs.
  7. J'adore this color. It's perfect for summer, well I think it must be perfect because I don't have one !:smile:
  8. [​IMG]:ps::boxing:Johnny vs.[​IMG]
  9. :lol::ghi5::lol:
  10. Thanks for replying.:smile:
  11. Monica is so pretty, :biggrin:!!!! Love that menthe on her!(it's menthe right? :p)
  12. Those thighs could hurt somebody!
  13. I've seen him in the H boutique on Madison.
  14. :p
  15. Yeah, he was drooling over your lagoon birkin!
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