Stars/Public Figures and Hermes

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  1. ah - astute observation! He is someone with whom she can enjoy the moment, not plan a future.
  2. Well done!!!
  3. Is this thread not Stars/Public Figures and Hermes? If I wanted to read all the "latest" about KK or JLo I'd pick up a celeb gossip mag.
  4. Touché...:back2topic:...Hermes!
  5. Lindsay Lohan leaving community servíce (March 14) dailymail
  6. Lindsey sure looks strange. Her hair is better but her face looks puffy/strange.
  7. I saw her recently on some promos for Saturday Night Live. She was unrecognizable. She has been hitting the fillers big time. I think MSN recently did a time line of how her face has changed in recent years.
  8. I am sorry but she looks awful here. It's way crossed the line of shabby chic and it's just plain slob! Please, get a proper bra that fits and supports for starters. I don't even want to start to comment on the rest of the assembly here! I know she was just doing community service but she is so young and should be looking a lot fresher than this!
  9. I hope she will get back as gorgeous as she was and I wish her to be happy soon.
  10. OK, LL is a mess and not a hot mess, either. :graucho:
    She should leave LA, move back to NYC and get serious about her career.
    Motherly advice.
  11. Now, this is a celebrity I like. Thank you IFFAH!
  12. most of those pics of tilda are stills from the movie I Am Love. it's a great film with lots of hermes eye candy.
  13. Ashley Judd credit: dailymail
    article-0-123031C1000005DC-804_468x592.jpg article-2115625-123031B1000005DC-831_468x588.jpg article-2115625-12303543000005DC-123_468x649.jpg
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.