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  1. I was thinking the same too.....
  2. I don't think she is 90lbs ....and I really appreciate when "rounder" women show their body with no shame. I love the message of self confidence they pass.

    A part from this, I think her style is terrible.
  3. seriously. this thread is so harsh all of the sudden. i think all of these ladies look gorgeous, and have their own style. i don't see comments like this about members in the action thread.... i know for a fact i don't look as good as anyone in this stars/celeb thread but no one says it. i can't even imagine what everyone is 'really' thinking! :wtf:
  4. I agree that women should feel good about themselves: I have a largish bum aswell, so what? But I do think that there's no point in calling an orange an apple....
  5. :ps::salute:
  6. I would think you are a wonderful lady with great taste in bags! And nobody would criticize you because they would be too busy taking me apart, LOL!:biggrin:

    I just don't like her because she is crass and has achieved fortune and infamy with no discernable skills or talent. But what kills me is the way she waves around Hermes bags like they are going to automatically bestow elegance and refinement. But she can't help the fact that she has a big bum, other than that she seems fit and a reasonable weight.

    We think you're adorable, and "i want her bags!"

    Actually I think she is a pear :p. I am more of an apple. And I'm sure your bum is fine. No one said she is supermodel thin, but I think by most modern health standards she isn't overweight.
    As there are so many girls and women who feel bad about their body image thanks to unrealistic media standards, I think in a public forum like this we should be careful about labeling someone fat or overweight when clearly they are not.
  7. Hmmm, very good opinions, ladies. I actually agree with all of you. Let me dumb this discussion down a bit. All I thought about KK is that she needs a spray tan. Now, I really didn't say that, I really didn't :roflmfao:
  8. ^^^Yes I agree, I think she's too pale, lol, (jk)
  9. Wow, what a careless comment. KK is far from fat. She varies from a size US 2/4! And I know because I've bought a Chanel skirt and an Herve Leger dress from her eBay shop 2 years ago.

    She's just got a large bust and booty but otherwise she's actually quite small. Ok, my booty is a little rotund too! :shrugs::lol:

    I don't think you're being unkind but I had to say that.
  10. I thought it was funny how it almost looks like they matched their yellow bags with the boy's pajamas...
  11. Speaking as someone who has more junk in the trunk than all the Kardashians put together, I am quite happy. The only size that that really matters is the size of the IQ.
  12. Yeah, this thread does get a little harsh but I do love your sparkly shoes and chinchilla coat but if you want anyone to notice you, STOP taking pictures with Misto!!!! :p

    I for one dont like tight clothing and applaud heavier, curvier women for wearing clothing that accentuates their curves....even when the butts have their own area code.

    Maybe one day, even I will accept that I am no longer a size zero and haven't been for over ten years....:crybaby:

    On the other hand, celebrities know that the side effects of their job descriptions are negative and catty comments. Yet, they still signed up for it!!...Not me...
  13. Yep! Totally. It's part of their "job" description.
  14. :urock:
  15. :hugs::hugs: Thank you for the sweet comment about me but NO ONE would be tearing you down! Over my dead body!
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