Stars premiere their Glamour Reel films

  1. Kate Hudson, Kirsten Dunst and Rita Wilson made it a black and white affair at the premiere of their Glamour Reel films last night in L.A. Kate's film, Cutlass co-starred her "dad" Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning and her boyfriend Dax Shepard (the latter two were no shows last night). Birthday boy Chevy Chase was also back in action as one of the stars in Kate's film. Kirsten's movie Welcome starred Winona Ryder and Rita's film called The Trap starred Jeanne Tripplehorn. All three directors looked very happy to debut their hard work.
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  2. Kate with Chavy Chase

    Tom Hanks

    Jennifer Meyer aka Mrs Tobey Maguire
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  3. kate looks very pretty.
  4. kate's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
    the old woman in the middle looks like aniston 10 years from now