Stars in Dior a new book

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  1. For Dior lovers, there is a new book Stars in Dior...

    Charlize Theron on the cover & other Hollwood stars..

    Great holiday gift, too:smile:
  2. It is an amazing book! Lots of pictures from the red carpet, as well as exclusive photoshoots for this book.

    I wish that they will make a book on the Lady Dior. There is a new book on the Fendi Baguette, so it's only fitting that they have one for the Lady Dior.
  3. Perhaps they will... I remember Princess Diana being photographed in that handbag
  4. That sounds yummy...when is it going to be available?
  5. The Stars in Dior book is currently available for purchase :smile:
  6. Thanks for the info:smile:
  7. I've seen this book, it's a beautiful coffee table book that would lovely on a side table to just browse through!
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    Its just a lovely way to reflect on a bygone time with some gorgeous Dior

    gowns & gorgeous stars in them!! One generation to another