Stars are Blind remix in honor of Miss Hilton

  1. OMG that is soo funny!
  2. omg.. I'm not even a minute into the video and I'm DYING over here! hahahhhaa! great find!
  3. Brilliant !!!
  4. That's funny! (And she can actually sing!)

    Did you notice on the driver's license, after sex it's written YES?
  5. Lol, too funny :roflmfao:

    They can't do this to me, I'm rich
    :roflmfao: right on! :p
  6. oh I missed that, how funny!
  7. Part of her driver's license number is 666.

    There's also a sign for Lindsay Lohan's Driving School.
  8. The lyrics, so we can sing along . . . .

    I don't mind being confined to L.A. State Prison
    'Cause I would drive with D.U.I.s, I caused a collision
    They tell me now that my appeal has been denied
    And that the sentence is now bonified
    How 'bout a jail that won't insult my civic pride
    Like somewhere in the Upper West Side
    With a waterslide

    Even though they say I'm shady
    I'm really so refined
    I need a cleaning lady
    I can't do time
    Robert Blake and OJ Simpson, they both get off scott free
    I drive without a license, they throw the book right at me
    It sucks to the highest degree

    I went ape on a sex tape, the guys all went gaga
    But I must make my jail escape, I miss my chihuahua
    My friend Nicole drove down the freeway the wrong way
    She'll probably get parole and float away
    Because she weighs zero

    Even though I got the glamour
    Even though my clothes are fab
    They throw me in the slammer, Britney gets rehab
    They put me in the big house, sounds like a movie pitch
    Heiress goes up the river, ends up somebody's *****
    They can't do this to me I'm rich

    And now I am digging a ditch

    My roommate's a woman named Mitch
  9. omg, that's too funny.
  10. ha ha ha
  11. Funny, and really well done!
  12. Hysterical!
  13. They did a great job on this parody!!!

    I had never heard PH's song until yesterday - it blares at you on her web site - if you haven't heard it. It's on
  14. Nothing short of brilliant!