Stars(And Tongues)Collide At Beckham Bash!

  1. Straight from :nuts:.

    There were burgers and fries, chicken fingers and mashed potatoes and cupcakes galore at Sunday night's Tom Cruise- and Katie Holmes-hosted shindig to welcome BFF's David and Victoria Beckham to Los Angeles, but the only thing several of the big names at the bash wanted to nibble on was each other.
    The London Daily Mirror says the guests of honor spent the evening "smooching like teenagers," with the squeaky-voiced soccer stud at one point pulling his hollow-cheeked but top-heavy wife close as they danced and whispering, "I love you so much."
    They weren't the only duo overdosing on mushiness.
    Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, who co-hosted with the Cruises, shook their groove things on the dance floor, with the actor demonstrating his bendiness by doing the splits (per Us Weekly).
    At the end of the evening, Will, who was kitted out in a shiny silver suit seemingly from the new "Lost in Space" couture line, chivalrously carried his pint-sized wife out of the party.
    Meanwhile, Jim Carrey managed to brush his unflattering shoulder-length mane out of his face long enough to give girlfriend Jenny McCarthy a tonsillectomy on a sofa.
    "It looked like they should have got a room," a spy tells the paper of the comedic couple, "but they didn't seem to care."
    As for Tom and Katie, they did that PDA thing they do so well, holding hands and snuggling during the night before busting a move.
    The paper says that during a particularly saucy number, the punch-line-prone actor dropped to one knee and strained his neck gazed up "adoringly" at the high heel-clad Holmes.
    Cruise also managed to call to mind a time when his public image wasn't so tarnished and conspiracy-crammed by getting funky to -- yep, you guessed it -- Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock & Roll."
    Thankfully, he decided against trying to achieve tightie-whitie verisimilitude and doffed only his jacket during the "Risky Business" homage, although Us reports he did copy one of his bygone character's moves by getting on his back and shimmying with his legs in the air.
    Go on, say it: Yeeesh.
    But the hoofing hijinks didn't end there. Tom, who was snapped looking extra moist as he cut a rug with his butt-shaking missus, also took a cue from Smith by doing four -- yes, four -- "breakdance-style splits" (per OK!).
    Not everyone was impressed, however. The Los Angeles Times says the crowd was "gawking in amazement" at Cruise's moves, with one onlooker zinging, "What is this, his bar mitzvah?"

    Who the hell host a party like this dressed to kill while serving up crappy junk food and swapping spit thoughout the party with your SO:wtf:.

    I must be missing something,I thought parties were for socializing with your guest.

    I'm all about having fun and enjoying ones self at a party but it sounds like these quest should have stayed home and frolicked in bed.
    Just another example that proves money can't buy class :roflmfao:.
  2. I agree, I thought the menu was a bit strange :confused1:
  3. Oh noes! Jim Carrey french kissed his girlfriend...and Tom said he loved Katie!! Such classless tramps! So you're not allowed to show affection to your partner while at a party?

    And it seems to me that since this was a "Welcome to America" party, the fare was "typical" American food maybe??
  4. I think Tom, Katie, Will and Jada are THE BIGGEST a$$ kissers known...

    trying to hard are we?
  5. I never said it was classless to show affection toward your SO in public,but when it's overdone it is indeed tasteless.
    The fare may have been typical American food,nothing wrong with that,but even George Bush does't have his guest dress in $2,500 dollar suits and 5 inch heels to come over an suck on chicken bones.:rolleyes:
  6. OMG this thread is hilarious!!!!
  7. No one has ever implied these people have class :roflmfao:
  8. No, but he does call foreign dignitaries by shortened versions of their first names!
  9. awww, I was smiling while reading it!
    Mayb they had a few drinks and behaved like teenagers hanging w/ buddies.
    The food was American inspired obviously, which is cute IMO and I am dorky I guess, but I think it's cute all these attached adults were making out! LOL!
    Glad they still find their SO's attractive personally.

    The writing was hilarious, but the hard story itself seemed like normal people to me. . . after a few drinks ;)

    I guess I {gasp!} agree w/ Charles :biggrin:

  10. :yes:Noted!
    I'd be the first to admit George isn't the smartest guy to ever set his butt in the Oval Office:roflmfao:.
  11. I like the line, "Tom, who was snapped looking extra moist . . . "

    I don't see anything wrong with what they were doing. They were just dressed up and having fun.
  12. American typical diet.
  13. Good point,my mistake! :roflmfao:
  14. I agree! They had some American food and good ol' time! Nothing sounds out of the normal to me
  15. Yeah....they are just like us, only $Billions$ richer........