Stars and Their Dogs!

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    Sienna Miller takes her dogs Porgy and Bess – who were given to her by on-again boyfriend Jude Law – out for a fashionable stroll in London recently.

    Is Ken Paves doing Daisy's hair too? Jessica Simpson and her equally blonde Maltipoo take in the sights of New York City.

    Leaving their other dog – Thurman Murmen – at home, hipster honeys Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson take pit bull Penny Lane on a walk in L.A.

    They even look well-dressed walking the dogs! Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber take her Yorkie Bob and cocker spaniel Ned out for a stroll through N.Y.C.'s West Village.
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    In a show of Friend-ship, Jennifer Aniston hits the Malibu beach with pal Courteney Cox's Cavalier King Charles spaniel Hopper, along with canine companion Norman and her frisky new puppy (on leash).

    Julianne Moore tries to teach her terrier/Labrador mix Cherry some new tricks during an outing near her home in New York.
    [​IMG]K-9 UNIT

    Who needs bodyguards? The buff Jessica Biel goes jogging in L.A. with her dogs East and Tina.
  3. I like seeing people with their dogs, although Jessica is scaring me a little.
  4. I always get the impression Jessica's dog Daisy would love to make a run for it
  5. me too LOL

  6. lol
  7. How hillarious is Adam & Rachel's dog's name....Thurman Murmen!:lol: :lol:
  8. a bit OT but Adam and Rachel are sooooo cute together!

    and I love their dog's names: Penny Lane and Thurman Murmen, haha!

  9. :yes: :yes::roflmfao: :lol:
  10. Me three! Yikes! That's one big dog!