Stars And Infinite Darkness. Com

  1. I received an email from Stars and Infinite Darkness : home of emerging designers ....rather interesting pieces--not expensive. They have a few cute bags, a couple of which I have shown here.....

    Emma Gordon London: NANCY cream


    Antoinette Lee: Besa Stitch Hobo
  2. Thanks for the website.
  3. I LOVE this website...not as much for the bags, but the jewelry and clothes. Swoon. Love Wai Ching's clothes.
  4. I think Chrissy Wai-Ching's line is one of the best I have seen (and wear). She makes a small pouch bag that works with any of the outfits, tied and detailed to match. I'm watching for one of her now and need to remember to get one of her silk pouches.