Starry Silver Tote lust! HELP!

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  1. I dont think it was part of '07...

    Maybe i'm wrong.
  2. ^ You're right. =) Stores are currently selling items from Resort '06 (latest), Spring/Summer '07 bags won't be in stores until next year (2007). If I remember correctly, this color is not from this season (Black, Carbon Blue, Meringue, etc); it should be from Fall/Winter '06 or Spring/Summer '06.

    You can try calling a Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique, a SA will be able to look up their inventory for you. Good luck. =)
  3. I will have to call a lot of NM's, then. Thanks for replying~

    Hope I find it! :yes:
  4. Good luck in your search Porkchopz!! Let us know if you find it.
  5. That bag is so cute. It'd be a great school bag. I hope you find it!
  6. Hey Porkchopz, I am new to this forum but have MJ collections since 2004. Are you still interested to Starry Silver bag? PM me cos I have it.
  7. Congrats on your new bag Porkchopz! I love the color!!
  8. That is a great color! Congrats!
  9. i can't say for *sure*, but i know there was a starry silver wallet i was lusting after for the longest time, and that was spring '06.

    HTH :smile:

    oh, and the new bag you got is just wonderful! i'm jealous...i like it even better than the one you originally posted!
  10. Thanks! I really like it too. I always go for the big bags, so of course I am really attracted to the big pocket tote. Maybe a smaller bag will do me good...or maybe I can have both!;)
  11. Another update!

    My cute silver bag came in today. I love it! The leather smells great, and it's soft. Has a bit of a grain too it, unlike the totally turnlock leather. Guessing that's because of the metallic color. The zipper on the front pocket is oversized, which I think is adorable. I love chunky hardware!

    Kinda wish the seller had mentioned that lining had holes from the security tag being removed as well as the price written in black sharpie on the inside of the pocket. :confused1:

    Part of me doesn't really want to know why...maybe it's better that way.
  12. that was a good price...but she should have told you that ^^
  13. That is a nice bag. congrats.