Staring at too many bags...

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Staring at too many bags... and I can't decide!

  1. Fendi B pouchette

  2. LV vernis pouchette

  3. Chloe silver/anthracite paddington

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  1. ... and unsure of which to get!

    This is a picture of the Fendi B pouchette

    It's been sitting in my shopping cart for the longest time... but now I don't know if I should click "Checkout". My other options are the LV vernis pouchette and a Chloe silver/anthracite paddington.

    Help?! :shrugs:
  2. icckkkk.....
    you and i both staring at too may bags......
    anyways, i picked paddignton because i :heart: it. its casual, fits a lot. and most of all, i love chloe's leather.....
  3. paddy
  4. the LV lexington is tiny... i have one, and it doesn't hold much. it's a cute evening bag, though.

    i voted for the paddy, i prefer that bag out of all the choices given
  5. Ohh... everyone's picking the Paddy! :nuts:
    I am still undecided!

    But thanks for all your opinions so far ladies. I appreciate it! :smile:
  6. I picked the Fendi, I thnk it's a really cute bag!!
    My second choice is the Paddington.
  7. I think the Fendi and the LV are both gorgeous, but I personally would pick the Paddy because I can cram more stuff into it, yet it will still look elegant and stylish. And I am always trying to cram more and more stuff into my bags.
  8. I picked the Paddy :yes:
  9. I agree with the paddy.. not really a fan of any of these, but the paddy seems most versatile.
  10. Definitely paddy. I love the anthracite color!
  11. Paddy!
  12. When're you planning on carrying the bag? I would choose the Fendi B for evening, and the Paddy for everyday use. But I voted for Fendi because that bag's gorgeous! ;)
  13. Paddy! I'm not the biggest fan of that fendi, to be honest. The colors are great but it looks like it's choking or something. Can't put my finger on it.
  14. i choose the paddy! i think the anthracite with will make it scream WOW even louder :nuts: