Starbucks Skinny Drinks

  1. I hope this isn't a repost...

    I just saw this article on and was curious about how "real" people feel. Personally, the first time a Starbucks barista mentioned to me that I could order a "Skinny" Vanilla latte, I thought it would be much easier than hollering my usual "Sugar-Free Vanilla, Non-Fat Latte" through the drive up microphone! No more wondering whether they got both the non-fat and the sugar-free, and not just one or the other. Being offended by the term "skinny" was the furthest thing from my mind!

  2. I didn't know about this. I like the idea. I think it will make it easier on us and the people taking our orders. When I go through the drive through, the person and I normally go back and forth confirming sugar-free and non-fat. Plus it might raise awareness that there are healthier options that make our Starbucks addictions a little more guilt free.
  3. As far as I am aware this has been a recognised term for years when ordering in coffee houses. I have been ordering skinny lattes for as long as I can remember and it has never occurred to me that it is non pc. Is that just in the UK? Is it a new term in US? I always assumed it had come from the US along with Starbucks!
  4. "may I have a non-body-size-challenged latte please?" :s

    Political correctness gone wild!! :rolleyes:
  5. Now THAT's funny, Roo!
  6. If I order "non-fat" am I not being PC either?? LOL. Must I say "skim"?
  7. That's just as stupid as someone getting offended if someone else orders a black coffee!
  8. I like the idea, I'm glad Starbucks is making it easy to order the non-fat, no sugar drinks. I don't know why anyone would feel offended by the term "skinny".
  9. ^^^ Especially since most skinny people I know stay that way by watching their calories and sugar!
  10. I tried the skinny mocca latte, it turns out that it's not sugar-free, I think they use splenda or something like that... i like the reg better...
  11. They carry some of the syrups in sugar-free (vanilla, caramel, maybe others?). Not sure what they do about the mocha.
  12. They have been using the term skinny in the UK Starbucks for years. Whenever I would say non fat they would repeat it as skinny. I think we need to stop overthinking all these things so much.
  13. Non fart latte please!....... just kidding I went to far :shame:
  14. This thread makes me :lol:
  15. Doesn't matter to me.
    That aside, I did try an iced vanilla one a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty good. :yes: