Starbucks Raises It's Prices!

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  1. SEATTLE (Sept. 22) - Got three bucks? That and a nickel will buy you a coffee drink at Starbucks. Starbucks Corp. said Thursday that it planned to raise prices of its lattes, cappuccinos, drip coffee and other drinks by 5 cents, or an average of 1.9 percent.

    The increase, which goes into effect Oct. 3 at all company-operated stores in the U.S. and Canada, will mark the first time the company has boosted drink prices in two years.
    Starbucks also is increasing the price of its coffee beans by about 50 cents per pound, or an average of 3.9 percent. That's the first price increase for whole beans in nine years, spokeswoman Valerie O'Neil said.
    Starbucks isn't raising prices on the prepared drinks it sells in refrigerated cases.
    O'Neil said the company decided to charge more because costs, including fuel and energy, are going up.

    "It's not one specific thing. It's part of our ongoing evaluation of business costs," O'Neil said.
    Starbucks ' pricing varies based on the market, but the 5-cent price increase will be across the board, regardless of drink or part of the country, O'Neil said.
    Currently, a tall, or 12-ounce, cup of Starbucks coffee costs between $1.40 and $1.65. Twelve-ounce lattes cost between $2.40 and $3.10, depending on the market, and a tall mocha costs between $2.70 and $3.40.
    Seattle-based Starbucks had 8,624 stores in the United States as of Aug. 30, about 5,500 of which are company-operated. O'Neil said Starbucks has 495 company-operated stores in Canada, but she did not have a figure for the total number of stores there.
    The coffee retailer has said it expects to open as many as 30,000 stores worldwide.

    I have to have Starbucks atleast once a week :P I just love their frappuccinos!! What do you guys think, would this have an affect on their sales?:confused1:
  2. Interesting, although I've noticed that the prices do vary from area to area. It costs less for me to get a Venti chai in NJ than it does in Center City, Philadelphia.

    Is this the first time they're raising their prices?
  3. hmm.. well I guess this is oki for me since I do not go to starbucks that often.. gosh, i don't even drink coffee...
  4. No, it isn't the 1st time they raised their price. It has happens a couple of times before. And yes, the prices to vary from location to location. For example, at the airport you are probably going to pay an addl. .50 cents for the same chai you would buy at the your local Starbucks...What else is new, everything keeps going -up and up and up!!! Will it stop me from going to Starbucks, of course not! I am addicted to that place!!!
  5. thats why we always call them "FourBucks" around here.
  6. Venti Chai...that's my drink. mmmm
    The prices are more expensive here than in Canada. (last time I checked).
  7. I saw that. I wonder if it's really like the LV raises, which are since we're so popular we can raise the price and not lose business.
  8. funny, just yesterday I was thinking that everyone else seemed to raise their prices to match Starbucks. I guess they had to raise their prices again to maintain their pricey image.
  9. sheesh they really didnt have to!!!!!!

    a week worth of starbucks gets pretty pricey...then a month....then a year...
  10. i don't usually go to starbucks anyway... the only drinks i like from there is caramel apple cider, and white chocolate mocha.

    i guess it's inevitable that prices will go up there, so it doesn't surprise me
  11. I don't think an extra nickel would cause people to stop going there, when they're already paying $4 for a drink. I know in Taiwan its' about $4 a drink, and there are plenty of places in the same exact area that has the same drink for about $1. You can also get really yummy boba drinks for aruond $1 or less. :smile: I'm still addicted to Starbucks though!
  12. i love boba..

  13. Is Boba the one with tapioca balls?

    I find SB to be way overpriced, but I still go there from time to time...
  14. Yep, boba is the Tapioca balls. But they have a huge variety of drinks..the one they just opened in Arizona has about 120 differnet types..they're so yummy!
  15. I wouldnt notice the price change. I hardly go to starbucks.