Starbucks is certainly taking their sweet-ass time....

  1. So I was hired two weeks ago. The manager called me, asking for my old employee number and said she'd check my references.

    I haven't set foot in the store yet, because she needs to check my employee records, but for some reason can't get access to them yet.

    In Massachusetts, my mom talked to my former manager, so hopefully that can help me out, but I hate being in limbo like this! It's like, 'Here's the job, but you can't have it yet.'
  2. LOL! Awful!
  3. yeah, I know..
    but at least u get the job, right!!!!!hehe
  4. How frustrating, but will have to sort out sooner or later, no?
  5. I once waited a month to hear from them after being hired. I guess it just takes time.
  6. Aww Caitlin I'm sorry! That must be sooo frustrating! :sad:

    OK I have always wondered this...if u work at Starbucks, do you get free drinks??
  7. Yes, you do. But only during work hours. After that, you get a discount.
  8. Yes, while you are on shift breaks, 30 min before and 30 min after.
  9. Do you get to pick your location? Some Starbucks seem so much nicer and busier than others. Which Starbucks are you going to be working in?
  10. When I ACTUALLY start, I think I might be working in Yonge and Erskine.
  11. I hope they get back to you soon!
  12. I have always wanted to work at Starbucks for the obsessed :-]]

    Congrats on your new job, im sure you'll start in no time.
  13. :push: I hope they get everything straightened out soon!! I LOVE Starbucks!
  14. My son is a university student and works at Starbucks, part-time. He gets to bring a bag (I think it's a pound) of coffee home, I think every week. I don't keep track of how often he comes home with a bag, but it is nice to have that free coffee in the house! :yes:
  15. Sometimes I forgot, other times I brought home some tea. (My dad likes Awake).

    When I start working, I can keep my aunt and uncle and cousins in coffee.