Starbucks for $1

  1. I'm not much of a coffee drinker but I thought some of you might find this interesting. You can "be in-the-know" and order the $1 coffee....

    Starbucks tests $1 cup of coffee

    Free refills are also on tap as the Seattle coffee giant responds to increased competition and braces for an economic slowdown that could blunt consumer spending.

    By The Wall Street Journal

    Starbucks (SBUX, news, msgs), the company that popularized the $4 cup of coffee, is testing a $1 cup and free refills of some of its offerings.
    The Seattle coffee giant is experimenting with selling the $1 "short" brew in its hometown area, spokeswoman Valerie O'Neil confirmed.
    The 8-ounce short size isn't on Starbucks' menu but has long been ordered by in-the-know patrons. Typically, a short brewed coffee would sell for about $1.50, although that can vary by several cents depending on the store.
    Starbucks is also testing the offer of free refills for traditional brewed coffee in the Seattle area.
    O'Neil wouldn't elaborate on the specifics of the tests or say how many stores are offering it. She said the tests aren't indicative of any new business strategy.
    The $1 test undercuts even low-cost coffee purveyors, including McDonald's (MCD, news, msgs) and Dunkin' Donuts, whose coffees generally start in the low $1-plus range.
    Although most sit-down restaurants top off customers' coffee free, specialty cafes have largely stayed away from the practice.
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    The high cost of milk

    Starbucks will face increasing competition this year from McDonald's, which plans to start adding a line of espresso drinks at its U.S. restaurants.
    Last year, Starbucks blamed a slowdown in customer traffic on pressures on consumer spending. The company has raised its prices in part to offset the high cost of milk, a move analysts say has eaten into sales.
    Howard Schultz, who expanded Starbucks from a small Seattle chain into an empire, retook the chief executive's post this month.
    This article was reported and written by Janet Adamy for The Wall Street Journal.

  2. I think this is a great idea...I hope it works. The reason there doing this is because they have a big competition with MCD's.
  3. The way they roast the beans makes them taste burnt.....I don't really like Starbucks but 1 dollar cup of coffee may change that.
  4. Starbucks always tasts burnt to me too. You can't be the dollar price tag though!
  5. ^^^ I feel the same way. I'm not a big Starbucks fan unless it is one of their fattening, mixed drinks. I don't like their "plain" coffee with nothing added.
  6. lets see plus tax, the total would be like $1.20 LOL

    so are they trying to wipe out all coffee compeitions? I got a giftcard from there, this would be a great way for me to get the most out of my card
  7. looks like the start of "Java wars" ha ha
  8. i feel like most people dont go to starbucks for normal coffee so this wont have a big effect. maybe i just think that because i always get those sugary ones... thats probably it.
  9. you come in wiht the intention of getting the $1 coffee, but once you look at the menu and see all the other patrons with their frothy drinks, you wind up getting your usual icy blended equivalent of the Big Mac. LOL
  10. I agree with tomato4 I think the average starbucks customer does not buy a regular brewed cup of coffee. They make most of their money off of complicated fattening drinks like fraps and flavored lattes. That being said Starbucks keeps putting up their prices and its time they became more competitive price wise.
  11. If it was a $1.00 Chai I'd be there...
  12. I live in Oregon and we have Dutch Bros, which is better and cheaper and has hotter guys and gals working there...ROFL

    Oh yes and all the free ones we get is a plus :tup:
  13. I don't see the point. Most don't go there for a plain cup of coffee. I agree about the coffee tasting funny. I don't hardly ever go out for coffee, but when I do, I actually prefer Dunkin Donuts coffee when it comes to chains. It is better and cheaper.
  14. Well, that's all I want out of my Coffee franchise. :lol:

    Ooo, you have Posts: 3,333 :biggrin:
  15. McD's has THE best coffee ever & costs about 3 dollars less =]