Starbucks experts: What is the healthiest yet tastiest?

  1. Hey girls, so here's the deal. I don't particularly like the taste of coffee but I need my fix every morning. What is a drink that tastes pretty good:tup: but is not too fattening:tdown:? Also, I usually get soy (because I love it) instead of regular milk..should I switch to skim milk?
    Thanks a bunch!
  2. Cheapest- Tastiest- Lowest in Calories:Venti Coffee w/ 5 pumps of pumpkin flavoring*I switch to white chocolate when pumpkin is not in season- its $2.05
  3. I usually get green tea or a nonfat latte with 2 pumps of sugar free vanilla.
  4. thanks i'm definitely going to try these this week!
  5. If it aint Folgers, it aint coffee.

    I hate Starbucks. They just built a huge drive thru to attract more yuppies from the Bay Area near me.
  6. When I'm at school I usually just get an iced coffee or a green or passion tea. My favorite drink is a venti caramel frappuccino light with a shot of espresso (obviously not the healthiest though :p).
  7. I like the iced coffee or the hot green tea.

  8. best cold drink ever is BLACK ICED TEA/LEMONADE...with or without sweetener.....I LIVE on it thruout summer.
    Im still looking for the perfect coffee alternative!LOL!
  9. Right now my morning drink of choice is a venti Awake tea with one teabag and a little bit of cold water.
  10. i get a nice cup of soy vanilla latte!
  11. i love the sugar free, non fat gingerbread latte

    I found this useful. I checked everything and all of htem have ATLEAST 200 calories in their drinks and they're only in teh tall size too!

    The teas are probably best. I agree with Jill that is the best drink ever! Even without sweetening it, it still has a great taste to it and doesnt contain even half the calories that their other drinks have!
  13. I like their plain iced tea best...

    Or I get a small plain coffee with skim milk on ice and I add Equal to it. If they don't add more than 1/2 cup of milk it only has ~50 calories...
  14. I love the gingerbread latte's and you can get the sugar free gingerbread and either skip or go light on the wip
  15. I love their iced passion tea w/o sugar. It tastes amazing and has no calories. As for coffee drinks, I go for a venti non-fat decaf (I'm nursing) latte. Their coffee is so good IMO that I don't need sugar. It may have calories from the milk, but hey, we're women. I know I don't want to get shorter as I age :p