Starbucks Buys Pinkberry

  1. And yet in Seattle Red Mango is about to take over where there are no Pinkberrys yet...right in Howard Schultz's backyard. Boo Starbucks for not sticking with coffee :tdown:
  2. Double boo. But I can understand the owners of Pinkberry, the will take the $$ and run.
  3. So what does this mean? Are they going to start having a PinkBerry section in each Starbucks? Or put a PinkBerry on each corner like Starbucks? Either way, the more PinkBerry's the merrier!!! I have to go all the way across town for PinkBerry, while I have 4 Starbucks within a 5 mile radius.
  4. What's pink berry??
  5. omg that's terrible.
  6. can someone tell us, who don't live in the NW, what "Pinkberry" is?
  7. is that the yogurt place?
  8. I live in the NW and I don't know what Pinkberry is?

  9. There are no Pinkberrys here either Swanky. They are a hyped frozen yogurt place that have stores in NY and CA.

    If Starbucks buying Pinkberry makes it possible for them to expand to other areas, I think it's great.
  10. OH! Her mentioning Seattle in her post made me assume it's NW.
    Thanks Roo:winkiss:

  11. Ooooooh you know what there is one in my opened up a few months ago..hasn't gotten much business I don't think...Swanky it's in Addison right off Beltline...haven't tried it yet!
  12. really!? I never go to that area anymore, I HATE 635! LOL!
  13. ^ Me too! I live in Addison and have to take it to go to work and back home..either that or the tollway. :wacko:
  14. Please do a search in this forum for Pinkberry and you will see my first post about it and what it is and where it is.
  15. That's genius - have a pinkberry section in every Starbuck's...though I imagine keeping all the fresh fruit willl be hard.