Starbucks barista espresso machine

  1. Anyone have it? I just picked one up but was wanting some opinions. I havent used it yet and am deciding weather or not it was a good investment (It was almost .50% off)
  2. My friend just demonstrated hers to me. she made the cappiccino. It looked rather complicated at first, as she said be carefull not to allow vapor lock, and other things foreign to me. But in the end it was a great tasting cap. The whole process took no more than 5 min
  3. She loves it, and feels its well worth it.
  4. My friend has one and loves it.
  5. We have one and it's great! I've never personally used it but it makes an awesome double espresso :smile:
  6. I bought it, I did not like it at all so I took it back. It was just to confusing to use. I bought a Nespresso instead and I must say I love it! I use everyday. I think it was one of my better kitchen investments. Here is their link if you want to check it out.
  7. I've had mine a couple years now. I do like it, but to be honest, if I leave off using it for a period of time, I forget HOW to use it! I'm probably just senile, but I'm forced to get out the manual at times, because the the sequence of events seems complicated.
    It really does make a lovely espresso or latte though. I should use it more...
  8. My parents have one. They love it! I have yet to use it.
  9. I'd love to get one, but i'd probably have no idea how to use it! I'd get all frustrated and probably just end up going to Starbucks anyway:p