Star3777's New bags!

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  1. Here are my new bags! For those who need to know the difference between baby paddy and medium, take a look in my collection for more!:love: Spy HOBO hologram aswell!

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  2. Oh my. I have the vapors. Those are some gorgeous bags! Love, love, love the baby paddy and the Spy holo!!!! :love:
  3. Many,many thankS!:love:
  4. They're all lovely.
  5. OMG...Star I am drooling for your Spy Hobo. I saw the hobo spy on the white, the brown and the cognac in the Fendi Boutique but I haven't seen this one that you bought! Loooove it!!! :love: :love: All of them..:love: :love: . It is so nice to be able to buy four or five bags at the same time...just like you:nuts:. Lucky you!! Thanks for sharing the pics with us. :love: .
  6. OOOhhhh that cute little baby paddies are soo adorable!!:love: .
  7. Thanks sweetae!!!:P
  8. i love the mini paddy star3777, star do u mind telling me where u got it from? cuz nm didn't have any....thanx
  9. nap has the mini paddy in silver and they are also getting the tan, but i don't think its online yet. lvr had some minis in metallics too, but no cream like stars, its gorgeous!
  10. Are you sure you really love it?...In the other pictures from my "bag showcase", you see that you can't really hold it over your shoulder's a handbag, I think I would have chosen differently and opted for the Medium in Ivory if I had seen it in front of me in person. This is an E-bay purchase, receipt from Harvey Nichol's.
  11. Make sure you update your bag showcase with these, if you haven't already ;)
  12. i saw the spy hobo today for the first time in person and i love it a lot more than i thought i would, since i'm not an overwhelming fan of the spy. and we all know i love paddys, so nice choices!
  13. OMG Star, those are so gorgeous! Can you show us how it looks on your shoulder? :smile:


  14. Thanks Amanda! :love:
  15. :amazed: TOTALLY LOVE YOUR NEW BAGS!!!

    thanks for sharing!!!!!!:biggrin: