Star3777 Where are thou?

  1. I'm jonesing for one of her shopping trips. She's like our own little VB!
  2. OMG!!! She is WAY better than VB. I love her to pieces...such a sweetie. Hopefully she will check in soon. (with some goodies!!)
  3. Right with you gals! Star...we need pics! :yes:
  4. Where is she? Vacationing/shopping? Hope she is well!! :heart:
  5. ITA Megs. Star come out come out where ever you are?
  6. i hope everything is OK bc the last post i noticed she had bought this absolutely stunning cherry red croc hermes bag and she was hiding it from DH!!

    and I think someone emailed her a mean PM too regarding the whole situation!!!!! :shrugs:
  7. I miss her shopping posts too!! lol
  8. :yes: me too! i love seeing all her goodies! :tender:
  9. What?? Why? :cursing:
  10. I dunno, but its her money she can spend any way she sees fit.

    Maybe she can post some yummy pics of her shopping trip :jammin: :girlsigh:
  11. wow it HAS been a while! shes been MIA for a little while already. ;[
  12. I want to see it too!
  13. I hope our Passionista comes back soon!
  14. I love looking at her pics!
  15. I was wondering what happened to Star.:sad: The person who sent the PM needs to be banned. Seriously.:mad: