Star3777 Collection

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  1. 1.I bought this Judith Leiber Pill box when I was 18 years old. I had to have it!:love: ......2. My Louis Vuitton bags currently in this residense. :love: :love: ......3.some more bags!. ......4.Close up of my Mizi Vienna:nuts: . ......5.Another close up!:shame:
    bags#2 019.jpg bags#2 004.jpg bags#2 005.jpg more handbags 004.jpg more handbags 011.jpg
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  2. Here are more close ups of my most recent!:love:
    Picture 012.jpg more handbags 003.jpg more handbags 012.jpg Picture 019.jpg more handbags 008.jpg
  3. Stunning! I'm sooooo envious!
  4. ***YAY another LV lover**** ---

    I love love love your Mizi Vienna. What is the green LV bag called I have never seen one of those before ..

    I see you love the denim , are you hoping LV brings out a denim PTI :smile:

  5. Here are my paddington's and spy's.....The whiskey is a picture of my sister-laws, I should receive it by Feb. The Cognac is mine, waiting in Fendi boutique, my SA photograghed them.:love:
    Picture 001.jpg whiskey 020.jpg more handbags 021.jpg Picture 018.jpg Picture 017.jpg
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  6. Here is the Cognac spy, I am thrilled!!!....looks good to me!:love:
    COGNACSPY001.jpg COGNACSPY002.jpg
  7. drool, drool, more drooling... loves it all!!!
  8. I bought this Bottega Vaneta chain and crystal beaded bag when all of my girlfriends got went with every formal dress!:love:
    bags#2 023.jpg bags#2 022.jpg
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  9. I love my vintage prada!:love: .... the other's I will not post.
    more handbags 024.jpg
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  10. keyboard momentarily shorted out from all the drool.........I'm even more jealous than before!
  11. Wow star ! I am just in awe of the size of your collection, and how many lovely bags you have, c'est incroyable ! ;)

    Just out of curiousity, what is the white folded murakami piece on your kitchen island (love it!).
  12. ayla its for photos :smile: HTH
  13. English girl 900! I love reading your posts you dawg you!:love: Thanks,...I went to shcool at Le Cordon Bleu in Marlebone....lived in it there!!!!:love: SW1

    Fayden, many many thank-you's twin paddy!:biggrin:

    Kimmy.....Mizi was not easy to get, the green one, aubergine and black are all called Mizi Vienna! Love your limited editions!:P

    Ayla, My sister in-law bought it for my Birthday!It's a multi-color monogram photo-holder? 4 pictures.
  14. Ohh I see, I've never seen it before ! Wow, so many unique pieces ! :nuts:
  15. Hi star,

    so this bag is a Mizi Vienna. Can I ask what its retail is???;)Its just so beautiful :biggrin:
    Picture 012.jpg