Star Wars Lego - the complete saga for Nintendo or Wii HELP

  1. Ok I know this question is really random - especially for TPF but I've looked everywhere and can't get help.
    Every website on this is for the uber-gamers and no one will respond to my dumb question :p

    I am playing Star Wars Lego the complete saga on the Wii with my son (he's 3 and he's kicking my butt on it).

    When we get tot the levels that have flying fighter things I can't figure out how to get past them.
    You can grab this bomb thing and drag it to the fence but then I don't know what to do.
    Anyone have the answer???

    Thanks =)
  2. hi sweetie...if you type in the game title, most of the time you can find a walkthrough. a walkthrough is something that an ubernerd like me took the time to type up as they play the game that helps you get past the parts that get people stuck. Most of the time you can find free ones and just scroll through until you get to the part where you need help!

    Sorry that isn't more specific. let me run a search on the game and see if I can find one since I already know what it should look like!
  3. OMG! I love this game! Me and my BF just started to play it i think we are on level 4 or something haha so i don't think we are as far as you yet!
  4. Thanks so much I'll check this out right away! :flowers:

    I love it too - my son and I can play together and have fun (usually he plays Dora or something = not so much fun for me ;))
    But when I started reading all the gamer sites I was like 'Woah this game is way more complicated than I thought' LOL
  5. *nerd alert* Ok on either side of the fence there are these....things. I think there are 12 total, 3 on either side of both fences. When you get close to them, you'll see pink little targets pop up, hit the button that released the bombs and it will automatically aim. you need to take out all these targets and then you can get through the electric fence.

    ..i'm playing this right now on the 360 with my 28 yr old boyfriend :lol:
  6. Thanks nawth - I thinhk we figuierd that level out (we call them butt torpedoes because you pick them up with the butt end of your flyer) It was actually my 3 year old that figured that level out when I couldn't - WOW I am OLD!!! I am still struggling with Super Mario Bros LOL.

    But then there's the one where you get the bombs that you can drag with your rope thing (sorry - not good with the tech. names). Do you know the one I mean.

    I'm going to check out the walkthrough today afterschool. We just figured out the 'free play' thing last night so we spent a while getting moeny to buy things, like characters, at the little shop. They didn't have any purses though - arrrgh. What kind of game is that????
  7. gosh no idea, sometimes my SO plays without me. I would think they pink targets would still show up around the things you need to blow up though, thats how its been so far in the game. When all else fails, use the walkthroughs lol I always do
  8. That's why you should get a Nintendo DS Lite and get Super Princess Peach - she uses her parasol to help her attack enemies and fly and stuff! It's so cute!
  9. I have the complete saga for the DS, not for the Wii, so I don't know if I can be much help...sorry!