Star trail booties

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  1. Hey all -

    I just got a pair of star trail booties. I thought it would be interesting to show pictures of how and what we wear them with.

    Are you comfortable?

    Thank you!
  2. Maybe have this moved to the clubhouse. Cute boots.
  3. Bumping this thread. Any other Star Trail LVoers out there?
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  4. Hi OneMoreDay,
    Personally a big fan for the Star Trail Ankle Boots, I purchased my first pair about 8 months ago and it all went bad from there. (I changed my Icon to them a few months ago)
    I have worn them with jeans, skirts, and dresses.
    They are very comfortable and stable, being from the land of cold and snow they also have great traction.

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  5. How does the sizing run? (Online is my only option boooo)
  6. They were right on for me, I'm a size 38 in most shoes and boots and all 3 are size 38.
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  7. My daughter has two star trail booties. She’s a US size 8 but went up half size to 38.5. Like @KimMN , she dresses them up or down. LV shoes for her run small; this may not be everyone’s issue, so best to try on before buying. I think they are gorgeous booties!!
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  8. Amazing selection! They look so damn good... :drool: :loveeyes: And I'm super happy they're not slippery. That was my biggest concern after seeing the sole. There's a new iteration in black leather with a Mono wraparound strap that caught my eye. Kinda into that slightly dom vibe. I'm in still in love with the OG Monogram Star Trails though.
    lv star trails leather mono wraparound.png
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  9. Those are cute, you can’t go wrong with either choice. :heart:
    Good luck with your decision
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  10. I seriously don't need anything else to obsess over. :blush:
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  11. The more I see this picture the more I’m thinking 4 pairs isn’t too many :loveeyes:
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  12. I love these boots, but have the opposite concern to Kim. Too darn hot to wear boots. I probably get to wear boots maybe four or five times a year on average. Last year not a single day was boot worthy. Otherwise I would have snatched up the Catogram ones I tried on.. Sigh. Hmmmm a peep toe maybe. :lol:
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  13. ;)
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  14. Just found out the the black with monogram wraparound straps boots are not available in the US, it’s a sad day.
  15. Aww. :nogood: