Star-rating system needs another category

  1. What do you do when the seller took great photos and described the item perfectly, shipped immediately, charged exact actual shipping cost, kept you politely informed the whole way - 5 stars each! - but packed the bag like this:


    Yes, the bag I purchased was placed in a black plastic bag, then wrapped with a half-mile of packing tape. I appreciate that it's marked "FRAGILE!!!" and in fact the bag arrived undamaged, but - I don't know, the whole thing made me laugh and shake my head at the same time. :rolleyes:
  2. :wtf:
    Geez, I mailed a pair of rather large (height wise) boots the other day and even I used a box. How horrible!
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  4. Yikes!
    I was thinking that they need this too. Especially if the seller charges 'handling' then that is 'supposed' to pay for packaging.

    Also - people need to read the star chart. It's 'Did the seller ship the item out fast' (or something like that) not - 'Did the post office get it to you fast'


    I never charge handling fees - always exactly what the post office charges me -- so how someone could give me less than 5 on the fair shipping fees one I'll never know.
  5. LOL! I'm glad it got there safe!
  6. Oh good grief. How does anyone not know a handbag should be packed in a box? :confused1:
  7. I completely agree!!
    I sometimes even charge LESS than what it costs and I still have 4.9. And for "Shipment time", I have 4.8. Um excuse me, I mail items out no later than the morning after the buyer pays (though most of the time it's mailed out the same day) yet I still have a 4.8. I know I shouldn't let it bother me but seriously now.:push:
  8. I always mark in feedback whether the item was packed sufficiently or not. That's really the only place you can comment on it. I've gotten shoes in a tyvek bag, so I know what you're talking about. Some things absolutely need to be in boxes!
  9. That's hilarious! Maybe my mom shipped it to you (just kidding - that's not her handwriting and she's not the type to sell on eBay.) She is notorious amongst my friends for her liberal use of packing tape. It always takes me forever to get anything from her open.

    I hope the bag emerged from its cocoon in good shape!
  10. I've never seen anything like that before, what in the world? If you liked everything else about the transaction, why not just email her personally. It is kind of humorous that she would think that this is ok, but apparently she needs some instruction on appropriate packing!
  11. Ah I agree!! This happened to me last month with a cute pair of Steve Madden heels. They were just lolling around in a Tyvek bag. It's a good thing the patent leather wasn't scratched.
  12. What's a tyvek bag?
  13. ^ Tyvek is that non-rippable white fibrous paper stuff that they make Priority Mail envelopes out of. It's incredibly tough and durable but not cushioned at all. Shoes in a Tyvek bag... yikes! the chance of damage seems really high!
  14. WOW, I'm speechless! You're lucky the bag arrived undamaged. Once I had a seller ship a leather bag stuffed and folded in a padded envelope. The envelope got slightly pierced during shipping and caused some indentations in the leather that never came out. I was pretty peeved.
  15. Oh wow, I'm speechless. I think in this case the seller should charge more for shipping so she can buy a box for the bag.