Star Rating System Abuse

  1. My stars were fat and full until yesterday when a buyer wrecked it for, I would guess, the pure thrill of it. :cursing:

    Transaction Details:

    The item was won in auction format.

    1. The merchandise was exactly as described.

    2. It posted within an hour of cleared payment.

    3. Buyer/Seller communication was courteous and friendly.

    4. The postage was the cost of an envelope and stamp and was received three days later.

    After he submitted positive feedback I noticed my star rating had taken a major hit and contacted him for an explanation. His lame response was "that though the transaction was perfect, I don't give more than 3 stars."

    I then followed up with a message informing him that I'm going to submit the transaction and his emails regarding it to Trust and Safety for review because it was totally undeserved as well as inexcusable.

    I went into his feedback to discover his star system in shambles which gives me reason to believe his actions are deliberate. That he wants others to share in his misery.

    I haven't left feedback yet.

    I've put a lot of work into maintaining a 100% rating. This is so unfair!

    Ladies, I would like your input in this matter. What would you do in my place? TIA for your advice. :sad:
  2. Don't sweat it. Your star feedback will fluctuate greatly depending on who gives the feedback. Your average will go up with future transactions.

    If your buyer paid promptly, you really need to give them positive feedback. If you don't and give them bad feedback, you'll look like the bad person for giving them retalitory bad feedback.

    And yes, I think the star rating system is inherently flawed, but there isn't much we as sellers can do about it. I still wonder why there isn't a star system for buyers!
  3. What bothers me most is that he admits the transaction was flawless. The star system was specifically designed as a means to convey seller's professionalism and past transaction details to potential buyers. Item not as described when he clearly states it was in written feedback?

    I hate the star system. There's too much potential for abuse.
  4. eBay also watches the star rating....if you get to low eBay will start limiting your listings. So it should be brought to ebays attention. If you give a low enough star rating eBay will ask you why.

    Also the evil person in me would leave a nuetral or neg fb stating he dinged your stars for no apparent reason. I mean, what started as a nice transaction has turned negative for no reason. But then again I always hold off posting fb until I can calm down so maybe give it a couple days.

    When I buy I leave full stars unless there was a problem, as long as everything went smoothly why not.

    I am with LoriHmathews though, We as sellers should be able to rate the buyers as well!
  5. I appreciate both of your views on the subject. I don't necessarily want to neg him (lie, at this precise moment in time I'd truly love nothing more):yahoo:but my :heart: tells me that would be too extreme.

    I do feel very strongly that other Sellers who value their rating systems should be warned about this guy's "3 stars policy" How do I work it into feedback?
  6. I would write something like

    Paid promptly BUT he admits 2 dinging my stars 4 no rsn

    OR SELLERS BEWARE admittedly dings your stars to lower ur rating

    Something like that, just keep it factual, not sure how many letters you get but it always seems like plenty until you have something to say:p

    That is why I always wait until I calm down.
  7. I have experienced something like yours twice now... I know exactly how it feels to have done your best and ensure everything went perfect, then got rated unfairly. I really feel this star rating system is very prone to abuse because there are no records who left what rating. And I notice that usually people who do this have pretty bad ratings themselves. Don't get me started on postage too... I always charge exact postage and even offer refund if the actual postage cost turns out to be less, but still my rating for that is going downhill.

    I would not leave positive feedback if I were you. A positive transaction is not only about payment and communication. He did something unreasonable and gave you an unpleasant experience at the end, so in my opinion he deserves a neutral.
  8. I honestly don't think it's anything at all to worry about. Your feedback percentage is what matters, and even within that, there's plenty of room for interpretation whether it's 100% or 99% (OK so below that, there might be some question).

    Those stars don't mean anything. Frankly half the buyers out there can't figure out what the heck they mean anyway, never mind sliding the star thingy to the appropriate star if they're leaving feedback.

    This guy sounds like a jerk, like a professor I once had who "didn't give A's; ARRGH!! I know it's frustrating, but really, what can you do? If you really want to draw attention to it, you could leave a neutral, but just because he's a jackass doesn't mean he deserves a neg. He basically did his part when he paid for the item. Feedback in general is 1) optional, 2) a nice to have, and 3) really not all that reflective of how hard good sellers work or how lazy and dishonest bad sellers can be.
  9. I like the way you think! ;) Your second offering is 2 cool. I'm going to work with that one.

    I've decided not to leave feedback for 7-14 days in hopes of giving him a taste of the anxiety he spoon-fed me.

    I also plan to follow through on my threat to submit the transaction to Trust and Safety for review. They're probably powerless in a situation like this but the powers that be need to be alerted to the fact that some buyers are abusing the system with malice and forethought.

    It's also frustrating to know that if a process were in place for this kind of abuse I would automatically qualify for rating restoration because of his written confession.
  10. I agree.
    I've had nothing but pefect transactions, email buyers back right away, etc. yet I have 4.8's and 4.9's in everything but shipping charges.
    I mean, I have a 4.9 for communication-how is that possible when I email people back usually within minutes?
    So anyway I think a lot of it is objective and it can be a bit annoying when you think it went perfectly (especially judging by the nice feedback they left), but someone else doesn't.
  11. When I'm shopping around on the bay I pay particular attention to "Item as Described" rating. Too low and I don't buy. That blow is hardest felt because I frequently list high-end handbags and jewelry. One mean-spirited buyer can cast doubt. And doubt translates into fewer sales. :sad: To make matters even worse the item in question netted less than $50.00.
  12. Thanks. You're absolutely right. Business transactions involve two parties who share responsibility for its final disposition and therefore should conduct themselves in a professional manner. This guy isn't a newbie. He has more than 400 feedback. He did it because his own star system blows. :hrmm:
  13. Yeah that's why the stars are especially annoying. I point out all flaws and describe everything fully, yet I still have a 4.8 for that. And the reason? A buyer DID NOT READ my description where I said that a dvd set I was selling was "watched only once." She took that to mean unopened and was annoyed that it was open, because she had wanted to give it as a gift. How she took that to mean unopened, I have no idea, but my rating took a hit because of HER mistake.
  14. aarrrg those stars are so annoying!! i do like the previous suggestion of giving feedback that says he dinged your stars for no reason...but then again, isn't feedback/follow up part of the transaction too? i would almost say just give him a neutral...but maybe i'm just cold hearted!
  15. I can't stand the star rating. I constantly get dinged on shipping charges because I ship a lot of packages internationally. It seems like no one looks at their customs declaration to see how much it cost to ship the items because my shipping charges are pretty darn close to what it actually costs. I know shipping internationally can be expensive, but I shouldn't get dinged because of what USPS charges. The whole star rating thing is just stupid if you ask me.