Star Magazine Manipulates Jennifer Aniston

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  1. [​IMG]
    This month's cover of Star Magazine, entitled "Jen's $5 Million Tell-All!", shows Jennifer Aniston carrying what appears to be a manuscript that Star contends is being shopped to numerous publishers as a chronicle of her days with Brad Pitt. Turns out, Star lied. Radar Online reports:

    But hang on-maybe Jen's not really writing a book? In which case, maybe Star's cover actually shows something else-say, Aniston attending an auction, holding an art catalog from Los Angeles Modern Auctions? And maybe Star simply airbrushed out the cover of the catalog, along with a pair of sunglasses she was holding, for good measure?...Asked about the manipulation, an AMI spokesperson said, "Every magazine in this category chooses cover photos that best describe the story."​
    This sounds like a tough predicament for Star, a magazine known for their stout journalistic integrity. I hope they catch whoever did this, because this could really ruin Star's good name. This is almost as bad as the time that I Photoshopped out the arm floaties I was wearing in the pool on Memorial Day.

    Jennifer Aniston on May 28th:
  2. idk but i seriously need to work out... I want legs like hers:crybaby:
  3. Yes !She has hot legs!
  4. That's terrible!
  5. It is terrible.. but look at those legs!! lol
  6. that sucks for them because she sues
  7. ^^ yup i agree
  8. all part of show biz I suppose :O
  9. As much as I am NOT a fan of hers or her on-screen work, I must admit that she looks amazing all the time! Great body and very nice sense of style (she knows what suits her).
  10. She is stunning. I could imagine that mags manipulate people... makes sense to me
  11. She is very cute!I love her!
  12. So pretty

  13. What people do to each other ..ugh!
  14. She always looks so classic to me, even when she is totally causal she looks put together. I could only dream!
  15. Where would we be without photoshopping.........I guess things would be very very dull.....