Star Magazine Manipulates Jennifer Aniston


Feb 13, 2007

This month's cover of Star Magazine, entitled "Jen's $5 Million Tell-All!", shows Jennifer Aniston carrying what appears to be a manuscript that Star contends is being shopped to numerous publishers as a chronicle of her days with Brad Pitt. Turns out, Star lied. Radar Online reports:

But hang on-maybe Jen's not really writing a book? In which case, maybe Star's cover actually shows something else-say, Aniston attending an auction, holding an art catalog from Los Angeles Modern Auctions? And maybe Star simply airbrushed out the cover of the catalog, along with a pair of sunglasses she was holding, for good measure?...Asked about the manipulation, an AMI spokesperson said, "Every magazine in this category chooses cover photos that best describe the story."​
This sounds like a tough predicament for Star, a magazine known for their stout journalistic integrity. I hope they catch whoever did this, because this could really ruin Star's good name. This is almost as bad as the time that I Photoshopped out the arm floaties I was wearing in the pool on Memorial Day.

Jennifer Aniston on May 28th:


H is for HOCKEY
Jan 29, 2006
As much as I am NOT a fan of hers or her on-screen work, I must admit that she looks amazing all the time! Great body and very nice sense of style (she knows what suits her).