Star Jones

  1. I find this woman to be so Condersending and Conceited. I'm happy she is loosing the weight she wanted though. Just sad that she doesn't have anything nice to say about anyone else but herself.

    What are your opinons ?

    sorry if I offended any Star Jones Fans.
  2. I think star jones is funny to watch - she is quite arrogant and reminds me alot of my auntie... so maybe I'm used to the snippy attitude. I just think its hilarious how she handles the whole 'my husband is not gay' issue. HILARIOUS!

    I do have to say though, her weaves are badass!
  3. I love her attitude but I do think she has become more egotistical since losing so much weight.
  4. losing the weight has created a monster .....
  5. i never really watched the view but saw several episodes around the time of her wedding planning and could not believe her behavior! she seems to have that air that the world revolves around her.. can't say that i am a fan! lol
  6. there's this clip on the internet of her getting hit by a football. it cheers me up when i'm down :nuts:
  7. I can't stomach Star Jones. All she talks about is herself, her wonderful husband, and their marriage. Did anyone see the View last week when Joy starting writing a note while Star was on the phone? They got a little nasty towards each other. Highly entertaining!
  8. I don't like Star. She is full of herself and thinks she is better than everyone.
  9. she reminds me of one of those women who 'should never spit in the wind' because I would put my next paycheck on a wager that her husband is totally gay.

    remember the terry mcmillian drama? come on now - how in the WORLD can she even THINK that her man wasn't gay?? he was FLAMING. She is another one who should have never spit in the wind cus she is sitting with her own phlegm smack in the middle of her forehead right about now LOLOLLL!
  10. YES!! Saw it and thought it was sooo funny. Good for Joy! I heard that Star called Joy a 'bi***' later on for cutting her off like that. It appears they haven't gotten along well of late.
  11. THANK YOU! When Terry McMillian married that man years ago, I said it! I knew he was gay the minute I saw him! I find it VERY HARD TO BELIEVE that people in her family or in her circle of friends didn't say something to her:suspiciou .
  12. I just don't know what to think about Star.... I'd hate to be trapped with her anywhere though :lol:
  13. ^^^ LOL!!! Too funny! I agree, she can be like nails on a chalkboard. Too much to handle for me!
  14. i like star jones.
  15. There was a story about Star Jones and her husband in Cosmopolitan a while back that appalled me. It was an article in which a waitress at a trendy nightclub was talking about the most outrageous things that happened to her. Star Jones and her husband came in one night. This club had beds that people could sit on. Star and her husband got on one of the beds and started simulating having sex doggy style. They had a bunch of drinks, and the owner of the club told the waitress to let them have the drinks free. When they got ready to leave, the waitress told them their drinks were on the house. Star Jones then said, "I would give you a tip, but I didn't bring my wallet." If she didn't have her wallet, how was she going to pay for the drinks if the owner hadn't comp'd them? Was she going to whine until they tore up the bar bill? Or did she just lie to get out of having to give a tip? :amazed: