Star Jones Reynolds Lands Her Own TV Show

  1. WEDNESDAY MARCH 07, 2007

    Star Jones Reynolds is returning to TV – with her own talk show.

    After her famous exit from The View in June, the former prosecutor will host a daily show on Court TV that is expected to launch this summer.

    "For me to come and bring my unique perspective as a talk-show host and a lawyer, and make that user-friendly for the viewer, I could not ask for a better place," Reynolds, 44, tells PEOPLE.

    The show, which has not yet been named, will connect the worlds of criminal justice with pop culture, the cable network said Wednesday.

    For Reynolds, it's a homecoming: She began her TV career as a legal commentator on Court TV in 1991 before joining ABC's The View when it started in 1997. "It's a new chapter," says Reynolds, "but it's wonderful that it's come full circle."

    Reynolds left The View when her contract was not renewed. She broke the news by first telling PEOPLE that she'd been fired.

    "I don't think I ever left television," Reynolds now says, "which is great, but now I get to return daily, and that's the thing that I've missed. And I think what I've missed more than anything is talking about subjects that people care about."

    Of how that will influence her new show, she says, "Right now we're in this really unique place in our culture where law and justice, crime and punishment, politics and government, entertainment and pop culture have all converged. That's all we talk about now, if you think about [it]."
  2. Good for her. She looks good, I like the hair.
  3. That's great. She has that law degree and I'm so proud of her. She always had that going for her no matter what. I knew she wouldn't be gone for long! I don't like those old hags over at The View and think it was a blessing for her to have exited the show!!
    And she does look good in that photo. Looks like she's let the weave/wigs go(not that anything is wrong with weaves or wigs btw)! She looks younger! Go Star!
  4. I couldn't believe that pic was her... I will defiantly give her show a whirl.

    Court TV is one of my favourite Channels.
  5. Wow! She looks great! I'm glad she got her show.
  6. [​IMG]Witness this: Star Jones Reynolds puts on her game face at a New York press conference on Wednesday to announce her new gig with Court TV. The former prosecutor will host a talk show that blends criminal justice with pop culture, set to launch this summer. "It's a new chapter," Jones said, "but it's wonderful that it's come full circle."
  7. She looks so old in these pics. They need to put some collagen in her neck and face. She looks way too skinny. But that's what happens when you loose weight very quickly. That's what worries me about loosing weight. I'll look like I'm melting in the hot sun...just like Star.
  8. I hope you allow that 'fear' to keep you from losing weight if you need to. As long as you workout and lose weight in a healthy way you won't have to worry about looking like Star----and actually I don't think she looks bad right now. She looks a heck of a lot better than she did when she was near--was it---400 pounds? I like this look much better and she's probably healthier and I'm SURE she must feel a heck of a lot better. All the other stuff is just cosmetic...she can have cosmetic surgery to correct the skin sagging in her face and her body....that's easy compared to the weight loss. Keep that in mind....and Good Luck to you!;)
  9. btw I love the glasses on her and the new hair---that looks like all of her own hair. Pretty. She looks as if she has experienced a life change for the better! That's nice to see!
  10. Im not her biggest fan...BUT....I like her new look.
  11. She certainly looks less diva-eque, which is probably a good thing.

    People who lose weight quickly through WLS often look a bit shrivelled and haggard; gastic bypass often results in nutrient deficiencies which can result in dry and sagging skin. But I have to say I think her new style is a definite improvement over the bling and big hair.
  12. She certainly seems to have found a good match for her talents. If I happen to catch it while going by the channel I might stop to watch for a minute, but unless she has some really interesting topics she doesn't really draw me to a show.
    I don't think I would have recognized her if you had just shown the pic without a name -- she's really lost a lot of weight and seems to be toning it down too.
  13. She looks great. I find her diva persona rather amusing.
  14. I think she changed her look to go with her new job. I wonder why she's suddenly wearing glasses... to look more business like?

    Is it possible to do a 180 and suddenly become a nice person? Even when she was a lawyer, no one had a nice word to say about her. It will be very interesting to see if her diva-like behaviour resurfaces if the show becomes successful... :shrugs:
  15. Good for her! I'm sure she will do just great on her new show. Looks like she got the last laugh...........