Star Jones is on Larry King Live right now.

  1. I was never a fan of the View or of Star, but I feel really bad for her right now.
  2. Oh crap, I SOOO want to watch this! I wonder if it's on now for me in Tejas!?
  3. Is it on CNN?
  4. Yes.
  5. I watched it.... She's a good would be easy to believe her...the whole episode is superfishy....both sides totally disagree on very key facts ( like if she was informed in Nov or April). it's hard to know what to believe....I see her point though about not wanting to make up a story to tell the viewers....ABC does sound like the mafia...they want people to disappear quietly. But the timing of her interview was very diva ish...calculated for maximum press....what if she had waited for next weeks People for her interview??
  6. she's a lawyer of course she's a good talker.

  7. Well, you've got a point.

    Plus, I have a lot of respect for Barbara Walters...
  8. I used to respect BW but anyone who basically says we lied to you and we were prepared to continue doing so especially when it wasn't necessary, and lying never is, loses my respect. No adult has to lie.
    Now we will punish those who are educated and speak well,:huh:
  9. I feel the same way.
  10. I think when Larry King quoted that guy from ABC saying that "we should have fired her (Star) in Nov. when her popularity with the viewers was at it's lowest" he was dead on! She was never a favorite of mine and the whole wedding and losing weight thing left a bad taste in my mouth and I am sure it did with the majority. I am not taking sides here. I could care less who is right or who is wrong.
  11. My point was not that Star should be punished for speaking well....the point was, since she is such a good talker and a lawyer, she comes across as very believeable but we are not privy to what went on behind the scenes. Someone from ABC said that she was to be fired in Nov and if that had been done, the whole Rosie thing would not have been an issue. And that Barbara fought to keep her until after her book came out, for her (Star's) sake. That could be backtracking on their part, I don't know. Star kept saying she didn't know until april, the same week Rosie slandered her in the media, which would mean that she was totally victimized, if it were true. My point is, since none of us were there, we don't know what the timing was.

    One thing is, Star kept saying she had such respect for barbara and the view and that she owed her whole career to her and that she will always respect her. And that she didn't want to lie. My point is, if she really respected them so much, why not tell the truth a week or so later after her view obligations were over with? It's just the timing of her people interview that makes her a bit suspect, imo. This timing made it a "scandal" that everyone is watching, like she wanted to stick it to them at the end.

    BUT, if it was true that she was only told in April and that everything was done in such a cutthroat manner, I can understand why she would be so's just that some of her words (of praise of barbara) don't coincide with her actions (of giving so many interviews about how she was fired before her last scheduled air date)

    i'm just saying there are no easy answers here. But i did feel sorry for her in the interview.
  12. We are not privy to all the gory details, but what I know for sure is that Star handled herself with dignity and grace tonight. I cannot say the same for BW today on the view. I think she needs to retire while she's still talking some sense.
  13. I didn't know Star before this interview but I know her now. I was impressed with her intelligence and the classy manner she expressed herself on Larry King; she left him breathless.
  14. I completely agree - I'm not a Star fan but Barbara Walters is a diva in her own quiet way. Maybe she needs to fade out gracefully.
  15. I don't understand where all the talk about "lying" is coming from.

    Star's contract was not renewed. Just because they didn't issue an immediate press release or some such nonsense, does not mean that anyone "lied".

    They had an agreement with Star on how it would be announced. They were giving her a chance to make her own announcement and the arrangements had been made. She blindsided everyone with her surprise announcement. In a lot of workplaces, such disregard for an agreed-upon plan would be considered insubordination and could in and of itself be grounds for firing.

    But..she wasn't "fired". Her contract wasn't renewed. That's life. Either party has the option not to renew. You know that going into the deal. You know that's a possibility each and every time the contract comes up for renewal.

    We don't know all the factors that went into the decision not to renew her contract. We do know she engaged in payola. It appears her popularity had slipped. Those could be the reasons. Or there could have been something entirely different going on that we will never know.