Star Jones Admits: I Earned 'Diva' Image

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  1. [​IMG]Star Jones-Reynolds, who was asked to leave The View in June, is owning up to her reputation as a diva – and says she's learning from her mistakes.

    "I've earned that diva image. It's not something that I can hide from," she tells TV's Extra in an interview set to air Tuesday. "I admit sometimes I have enjoyed the celebrity more than I should have. It was well-earned, but it's softened now."

    During her tenure on The View, Reynolds developed a reputation for engaging in shameless self-promotion and wanting free products – particularly during her
    over-the-top wedding to Al Reynolds in November 2004.

    Indeed, she told PEOPLE in July that she "believed the hype" about herself. "I was on a hit show, doing (ads for) Payless; I was getting my health together; I met Al. I started to think, 'Oooo, I got it going on!' Now I know: Everything I had was a gift."

    Jones, who wrote the self-help memoir Shine: A Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Journey to Finding Love, says she is changing her ways.

    "I am rejoicing in learning from my mistakes and missteps and trips and falls," she tells Extra. "I've learned that sometimes modesty and humility shows the most strength and courage. That's the Star that you see right now."

    Though Reynolds says she hasn't spoken to any of her former View cohosts, she recently did receive some holiday cheer from the show's youngest member, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. "I'm sure that everybody has gone on with their lives and I've gone on with mine," says Reynolds. "I get some sweet, wonderful cards from Elisabeth all the time?I got the cutest Christmas card.?

    In terms of her career, Reynolds announced last week her plans to
    host a three-hour radio program for the Radio One broadcasting network, which is airing this week.
  2. I personally really appreciate someone who can recognize the error of her ways without making excuses or pointing the finger at someone else who perhaps did the same without the same result. I hope everyone can be forgiving. I think that despite how dim Elisabeth sometimes appears, she has a really good spirit and truly understands friendship.

    Personally, I never understood the desire for everyone to need to know how she lost her weight and it seems absurd that that is part of the reason she was let go. I will say I was sick of hearing of her wedding but she is no different than any other bride - she just forgot the View was not the forum to sell herself.
  3. I think this has been an eye-opening experience. As always - she is taking the high road. I'm sure she has some honest people around her (the friends who stayed after View was over) who gave her their opinion. Too bad the claws are still out with the cats on the View.
  4. She is a smart lady, hope she finds more work.
  5. I think she just trying to look humble. She knows she made a fool of herself, and she's trying to spin it. Sorry, I'm not buying it.

  6. Wow, what would she have to do to be "sincerely" humble? I know its rare, but sometimes people actually learn from their mistakes. JMO
  7. I'm glad that she admits her diva-ness. I stopped watching The View, becuase of Star....she just drives me crazy.
  8. I agree 100% I never got why everyone was so intrested in how she lost the weight either.:shrugs:
  9. do you honestly believe her! this is a woman who asked people to "sponser" her wedding..shes probably just upset that she doesn't have the pull / star power that she used to. i think she just misses her celebrity and fame.
  10. hate to be negative, but I personally believe that this is a publicity stunt to get more of the focus onto her. either way, apology or not, I still don't like her. Apologies don't always work in the real world, and some people need to live with their mistakes whether they acknowledge them or not.

  11. I have no reason not to believe her. Unlike Rosie's so called apology, she did not qualify her admission by "I was wrong but... or I didn't know but ....." She is aware that she offended people in general and if an unqualified admission isn't acceptable, there is absolutely nothing she could say to remedy her past and we should all give up now.

    I thought her interview on Larry King at the end of the fiasco was refreshing. She could have done a Rosie and bashed Barbara and Rosie, but she didn't. I can't say that I would not have.
  12. Defintiely no comment on this one.
  13. No comment.
  14. Good for her for opening her eyes! I'm sure she'll be just fine.
  15. :throwup: