star, isn't it your b day

  1. I thought you mentioned several days ago that you were having a birthday. Happy birthday and tells us what your DH decided to surprise you with.
  2. Oh, happy birthday !! And I'm sure it'll be a very happy birthday for you ! ;)
  3. happy birthday! You got your birtday bags a few days early didn't you!
  4. Happy Birthday star!
  5. Happy birthday Star!
  6. Happy birthday Star!!!! May all your wishes come true!!!
  7. Happy Bday girl! :biggrin:
  8. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you enjoy it, and receive lots of presents!
  9. Happy Birthday!!!
  10. IT IS SOOOOO NOT my BIRTHDAY!:lol: YOU GUYS CRACKED ME UP JUST NOW!! THank-you soooo mucH THOUGH!:lol: :lol: We looked in all of the jewellery stores in Balharbour for my UPCOMING b-day in March, PISCES! Thank g-d I just saw this....I still am having alot of trouble posting.
  11. Happy Birthday Star!
  12. O.k this is funny!:lol: .....I AM NOT #%*#35 YET!!!!!!!......just wait Loren...he,he....