Star Attitude

  1. Are the Star Attitude flap bags or clutches available in stores now?
  2. Not yet...they should be hitting stores soon.
  3. I saw the star Attitude bag and clutch in black in London. Very nice.. I would go for the clutch... its gorgeous....
  4. I received a call about 3 weeks ago that there was a star attitude available to purchase if I wanted at Chanel on 57th St. in NYC.:yes:
  5. Thankyou all for the info....
    Btw, which store in London?
  6. is there a pic of the bag on the forum?
  7. ooh - I'd love to see a pic too
  8. yes pics pics :smile:
    especially of the clutch and classic flap bag
  9. I believe I saw the classic flap in this ligne at South Coast Plaza. It was black. It was in the store window display. it's very adorable!